Don’t you just love trends? I for one am not big fan of the word, but do appreciate that they set the tone for what’s to come. Trends help me prepare for what’s next, and what to expect in the marketplace. Often, a trend will slowly move into magazines, pop up on TV, then hit pinterest and after six months to a year, hit mainstream. A great place to get a jumpstart on whats coming next is to visit some of the largest home decor trade shows.

2015 interior decorating trends

Last week I wrote about where most interior designers like to shop. Going to Market is not for the faint of heart. Three, 18 story buildings filled with showroom after showroom of stuff. If it’s in your home, it was shown at Market.

Vendors often have an underlying theme, and that creates a pattern throughout – which constitutes as a trend. This season was no exception. The halls of Market were alive with vitality and excitement – a huge shift from the halls of 2009, and that means, lots of trends!  Here are the top 7 trends coming to a store near you.

Top 7 home decor trends for 2015

 7 Hot Interior Design Trends Everyone Needs to Know About in 2015

1) Asymmetrical Chandeliers

This is a hot new trend that has actually been out for a little over a year, but just starting to hit mainstream. Wanna update your kitchen nook or dining room in a flash? Add an asymmetrical chandelier for an instant update. Heres a great option under seven hundred bucks. Click here for the one shown above.

2) Bright colors

Colors are also not new. They’ve been gaining momentum though over the last five years as everyone starts to make the shift from drab dark colors into fresh whites and brights. This season was no exception. Acid green, emerald green, orange, and pink were strong colors this season. Like the chair shown above? Contact us for pricing.

3) Natural and Semi-Precious Stones

This one makes me giggle. As a Feng Shui consultant I have been using Natural stones in my interiors for over fifteen years. And let me tell you, some were hard to come by! But currently, they are everywhere! What a great way to decorate and heal your home. Check out my etsy store  where I showcase some of my finest specimens!

4) Squid

Every season highlights an animal. In years past it was owls, horses, even penguins. This year was the year of the squid and octopus. I saw sculptures, lamps, accessories and even chandeliers that gave the twilight zone a run for their money. Heres a great option for your home.

5) Objects of Art and Curiosity

The steampunk and Industrial chic movement have been going strong since 2008, but the trend is starting to go towards whimsical and downright ridiculous – which I love! Tons of unique, one-of-a-kind items ready to fill your home with joy and laughter. Want something fun in your home? Start with your local flea market, or antique store. You can also check out Mike Wolfe’s site, or EBTH for cool, unique things.

6) Brass

Brass is back baby! It took awhile for the shiny sort to come back – you know, its been that antiqued, honed version. Well not any more. The shiny stuff was all over market in accessories, handles, and chandeliers. Here’s a great one from fees for less than three hundred bucks.

7) Horns

Going au naturel is a huge trend, and horns are making it happen. Whether in jewelry, accessories, or lamps, Horns are everywhere! I used to sell this one in my office and it makes a great desk accessory or coffee table accessory.

In addition to the top seven trends kantha throws are still huge sellers, painted furniture, and shagreen boxes. What are some huge trends that you are noticing in the market place of design?

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