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Well it’s no secret that I am a bit of a hippie. I was sent here to Earth to hug trees, talk to rocks and save the planet, one person at a time. And this is no easy feat. One of my favorite books is The Imperfect Environmentalist, by Sara Gilbert. I think there is a huge misconception that sustainability is an all or nothing kind of game. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sustainability and helping the environment starts with awareness. Getting your head out of the sand and simply paying attention – because let’s be honest, we are slammed with thousands of messages a day, but only compute 247 of them. So how on earth do you choose which ones to pay attention to?

On any given day you are berated with messages on how to keep your home cleaner, smell better, and look better to in order to live a better life. Our culture thrives on consumption of more. All of which harm the planet and are toxic to our health. Yes, awareness is the name of the game. But we’ve also been hit with a ton of messages about the environment as well. And for most, it’s just one more thing to worry about in an already hectic schedule. But if you want your children’s kids to have a planet to live and play on, you best be paying attention.

This is no longer a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”. We are harming our planet at an alarming rate, and have done more damage in 50 years than in our entire existence. It is said that if we continue at the rate we are going, we will not have a planet in 100 years. Let that sink in….All it takes is awareness and small steps. One very small change, like making your own cleaners, can create a HUGE impact. Just look at my sheet and you’ll see that buying ONE energy efficient toilet can save 330 gallons of water. And replacing all of your incandescent bulbs with LED’s keeps over 4 million bulbs out of landfills. Small changes.


7 Eco-friendly facts to create immediate environmental change |GatesInteriorDesign.com


There are many great products on the market to help ween you off of all your plastic and paper items too. Washable sandwich bags, reusable flip and tumble produce bags, or canvas Grocery Bags . Small changes, make big impacts, so get involved. There are tons of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and it all starts at home.


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