I recently visited my client Erica and was shocked to see the state of her once beautifully designed bedroom. Clothes were thrown everywhere, the retreat area designed for a leisure cup of joe was covered in kids art supplies and crayons. In addition, the puppy had chewed on the corner of the bed and cowhide rug; the puppy is now two.

OK love, how long has it been like this I asked? Her reply, “Errrrr…..” That told me everything I needed to know. Her personal Ch’i was out of alignment. More specifically, her root chakra, which is indicative of grounding and balanced energy was out of alignment. When this energy center slows or stops altogether, it shows up in your environment as clutter and chaos.

In order to get things flowing again, we have to take a good hard look at our surroundings and take action. Our home is a third skin and reflects back to us exactly what’s showing up in our life. And here’s the rub, the more things get stagnant, the more clutter shows up, and the more clutter shows up the more things get stagnant. Whomp, whomp.

It is our job to pay attention so we can easily get into Mama Earth’s flow. Think about it, all things in nature start from gestation, and then move into birth, death and renewal. Bottom line, that’s what energy is. And guess what? Everything is energy, and energy is everything. So how can you take care of your own personal Ch’i? Keep scrolling. Here are my Five Feng Shui favs for generating positive vibes within a bedroom to create a sacred space.


1) Create an altar. This is a space where you collect some of your most sacred, cherished and fun things. Sticks, rocks, feathers, scarves, minerals, etc. Have a space within your bedroom where these items live and you visit them often. This encourages your mind to focus, and is extremely grounding. Erica had this and had put them away!

2) Open up the doors and windows

Be sure to use both doors and windows often within a bedroom. No matter the temperature outside, opening even for a few minutes allows vital new Ch’i to enter your space and revitalize mood and thoughts and invite in the winds of change. Not using your door? Perhaps it doesn’t work well? This could lead to sore throats, or missing out on valuable communication with those you love.

3) Wash linens often

This seems like a no-brainer but when life gets busy it can be easy for an entire month to pass by and the linens haven’t been changed.When we sleep we release and exhale a lot of energy. We release emotions from the day, thoughts, feelings, hurts and joys and that all goes into the bed. Clear the energy by opening those windows often and washing those linens! It’s also a good idea to spray them with therapeutic grade, organic lavender oil like this one: From Archipelago

4) Burn Frankincense incense

Be sure to buy a good quality incense. Many have synthetics and will cause headaches. But good quality frankincense stimulates our alpha brain state allowing us to tap into our right brain. Here we connect with intuition and our connection to others. This is highly important to keep healthy, happy states of mind.

5) Chant or pray

So often you hear about saging a space to clear the energy. While this too is effective, in Feng Shui we rely heavily on Ch’i (from mama earth herself) and from the power of prayer because it raises consciousness. Like the altar, prayer helps us focus our intent, slow our brain waves and tap into happier states of mind. It is also a powerful tool to increase the vibe of your space. Negativity cannot survive in a higher state of positivity and there is no easier way to elevate a space than with prayer. Here are two of my favorite mantra books: 1) Pocket Mantras 2) Mantra Meditation

Our bedrooms are one of the most sacred spaces within our homes. It is where we are most vulnerable to the energy around us, and where we let our guard down so do everything you can to nurture and care for it so you feel great!




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