How to choose molding the easy way

Today we’re talking molding. Now listen, molding can be intimidating, I get it. As a professional interior designer for over 20 years even I get overwhelmed with all of the options – so I can only imagine how a consumer feels!

How to choose molding the easy way

I’m super excited to team up with Metrie Molding to share with you their new Then and Now collection™. It offers five rad finishing collections that completely take the guesswork out of creating incredible spaces and allows you to stick to the fun part, picking it out!

The five collections include:


I know what you’re thinking, this is molding, what’s so special about this program? Metrie has taken the guesswork out of complicated trim decisions. Seriously, if you’ve ever found a cool picture online and then taken it to a trim shop, the wall of options can be mind boggling, not to mention totally overwhelming.  Metrie’s Then and Now Collection has made it as simple as a paint by numbers kind of program. Each collection has three scenes  (Pretty simple has two) that are already picked out for you. Casings, baseboards, crown – all you have to do is decide what collection you like and how fancy you wanna get! Their collections include everything down to kick ass doors. So let’s all agree to get away from builder grade, hollow core doors, with zero design, mmmm kay? And as a side note because I get asked this ALL THE TIME, if you’re unsure of how to paint your trim, go here. I explain different paint sheens and how they are used.

Metrie Molding

Metrie Molding

So whether you’re doing a new construction project or a small renovation, Metrie can help you add instant luxury to your space without the headaches. And don’t forget those auxiliary spaces that never see the love. Three of my favorite spaces to put trim for that unexpected wow factor: Stairwells, Powder rooms and Hallways. More Boom For Your Room! And now it’s easier than ever!

So set the stage and let every room in your house tell a story, a pretty story. Let’s face it, your home works hard for you, so it deserves the good stuff. Dress it up, have fun with it and get creative. Need inspiration? Head on over to and be sure to check out their rad blog, The Finished Space. Interested in finding Metrie in your area? Head on over to their ‘where to buy‘ page on their website to find out your local dealers. Here in Nashville you can find it at Central Woodwork. Which by the way I want to give a huge shout out to Mark Schaefer from Central Woodwork and Jamey Armstrong my territory rep for coming in with my crew to shoot our Metrie Video. Thanks for all the help!

I should also mention, if you’re just not sure what trim goes with your home, take their style quiz. It will help narrow down the options. Plus they have a kickass Room Styler, that enables you to see your room with the Metrie Then and Now Collections, and it creates an easy to use shopping list. OMG, I love it!

And finally, I want to also say that Metrie uses sustainable processes. This is extremely important to me and why I use them. For me they check all the boxes for ease of use, beauty, quality and sustainability. It’s why when they reached out to me to sponsor their product I knew that it was a good fit to share with y’all. I refuse to team up with brands that don’t align with my core values, or brands that I would never use myself. I absolutely love Metrie, and so do my clients. So if you’re not sold on why you should zhush up your space with molding, well I guess your just boring because every home deserves finishing touches that make it and you feel special!

(This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. All Images from Metrie.)

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