In the year 2009 I didn’t think things could get any worse. My marriage was falling apart, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and my business that I had spent years building was crumbling at the seams.

When I decided to leave my marriage in 2010 I was faced with a crossroads; buck up and be a grown up, or slither up and die. While the latter was quite appealing I realized that moving back in with my parents with two cats and nothing but thousands of dollars worth of inventory just wasn’t an option.

I’ve told this story many times. If you are so inclined you can read about it here, here and here on the blog. In fact, if you are currently at a crossroads in life, I highly encourage you to read my story. I’ve had many people read about it over the years and it changed their life, and mine too.

When people meet me today they always say the same thing, you’re so grounded, calm and happy. But as stated above, it wasn’t always that way. I wanted it to be, but I was in a very negative environment. I would spend hours on end meditating, but as soon as I would leave that zen room, my emotions would get slammed into default mode of dread, fear, angst and worry.

The side of the story that I haven’t told enough is how I went from that to where I am today. In Jen Sincero’s book, I’m a BadAss at Making Money” she states that she was sick and tired of being tired and broke. So one day she decided she no longer wanted to be tired and broke. End of story. Easy enough right?

When I read that in her book and heard her many times on radio shows and podcasts restate this claim I never questioned it, because I could relate. Was it easy? No of course not. Because your Ego is ready and willing to step in and say, Don’t worry honey, I got this (Insert the fear, worry angst and anxiety here) because we’ve been here before and I take it from here.

But what if you changed course?

What if you stepped outside of that and said, enough is enough?

10 ways to be happier in the new year

That’s exactly what I did. I embraced my Feng Shui practice wholly and stopped worrying about those self-limiting beliefs that I believed people thought it was hooey. I stopped worrying about my body, thoughts of others, money, intelligence, humor – whatever it was, I changed my language. That part was easy.

Now did it happen every day? No. It was a process, but from that I birthed my process called Above and Below the Cross Emotions™. As I started being mindful about my thoughts and actions they started to become habit. Meditation became a sacred practice done twice daily. I continued to further my education and knowledge in metaphysics and studied my capacity to change my reality by simply changing my thoughts. What we hold between our ears is powerful! And before I knew it, I was experiencing magic every day.

As we approach this new year many people are big on resolutions. While I think resolutions are a great way to clear the slate of bad habits, I also think they can set you up for failure. Instead of professing big glorious goals, here are 10 ways to ease into a happier life:


So how many of you missed the fact that the graphic says 10 tips and I only gave you 9? And how many of you just scrolled up to check? haha This was done on purpose. Many of us are frenetic. Our Chi is scattered and not cared for. About six months ago I read this story of a monk who was walking in Central Park and experienced the most amazing spectacle in the sky. As the birds migrated over the park they flew in sync, and suddenly swooped down low, creating a large gust of wind onto the monk’s face. It was glorious and he looked around desperate to share the delight and experience with those around him only to find everyone buried in their phones. Not one person saw the event. This left him disappointed and sad.

How many events are you missing every day? My number 10 tip is to take the time necessary to cultivate your Chi. Stop striving and getting lost in the things that don’t matter. In order to find true peace you must get the internal compass right. We spend so much time and effort on the physical world and neglect our spiritual world – which has lead many to unnecessary suffering.

It doesn’t take much, but doing these small practices on a regular basis will set you up for success! Are you ready? Let’s do this 2019!SaveSave