For those of you that read my blog you know how much I preach about good design rather than budget design. Well last week I got a taste of my own medicine. Thats right, I tried to save a few dollars on my hair and boy did I pay for it. Literally.

Every May I always get my hair lightened for summer. It is one treat I give to myself and I love how it brightens my face. When a deal came across my desk I thought it to be a win win. I get my hair lightened and have a few pennies left over for a cup of coffee, perhaps two……or so I thought.

When I went to the salon this is what I wanted:

From pinterest

Cute cut, side swing and blonde, perfect for summer! I’ve been getting my hair done for 20 years and this photo above seemed simple enough, right? Assuming that anyone could do it. Ah, yes….ANYONE could do it…..

My color (middle pic) clearly had zero blonde in it. In fact I left with darker hair than I arrived with.

Me two hours before my hair appointment

Despite me mentioning and showing the stylist this picture (above) of me from that morning she clearly had no intention of fixing it. In fact she told me it would take two to three trips to lighten it up to the level of my “wanted” photo. Ummm, my hair was close to that color when I came in! So with my tail between my legs I went back to Erin, my trusted stylist at Paige Simmons. She got me in right away to give me my summer blonde. The lesson here? I ended up paying three times what I would have normally paid and I was mortified having to explain all this to Erin. Thankfully, she was very kind and understanding. And after it was all said and done I finally got what I wanted……minus my left lung and a kidney to pay for it all.