When I graduated from design school I remember being faced with a major roadblock, join the most exclusive interior design firm in town, or fall down the rabbit hole of all things spiritual and feng shui. Since my ex-husband was not a fan of all things spiritual and Feng Shui, and thought it complete hooey, I opted to work at the premier design firm. I’d love to say it was a tough decision, however at 22 years of age I was quite impressionable and just wanted to blend in. I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers and I certainly didn’t want to make waves in my new marriage. But I was conflicted.

At this point I had a thriving hobby in Feng Shui, and would share it with anyone who would listen to me. I loved it. But I had to love it in secret. The new design firm I worked for, like my husband thought it complete hooey, and I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to make a living with my “odd job.” That is until I caught wind of a new book coming out about a New York designer that performed ceremonies, rituals and energy cleansings on her projects before she and her staff even started.

“To truly support us, a home has to stretch beyond its material properties and sustain our complex human needs. This philosophy is at the heart of every environment that I create, and it represents the way I look at interior design. My design philosophy is concerned with the experience of living and not simply the look of it. It encourages an ongoing awareness of our surroundings to keep us energized.” Total Design, 2000, Clodagh, Interior Designer/architect


I was hooked. Here was a designer that believed wholeheartedly in the practice of ceremony, energy, biophilic sustainable design, and FENG SHUI! And people were paying millions of dollars to work with her.

Needless to say I became a huge fan and have followed her career for years. When her next book, Your Home, Your Sanctuary, came out in 2008 I was one of the first people to purchase it. My marriage was falling apart and it was time I start helping people with their environments in a way that I loved and could make a difference.

designer Clodagh

To say that I was excited when she said yes to come onto the podcast this month is an understatement. For the first time in the eight years of doing this show, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to speak. What if my questions wouldn’t come out? What if my voice cracked? OMG so many emotions for an icon that made a huge impact in my life and career.

Luckily for all of us it turned out amazing and I think it’s going to change the way you think about your environment.. To Clodagh your space should be a living breathing experience because energy matters.

And that’s why I also asked Dr. Libby Darnell onto the show. She and I met last year at a conference in San Diego and ended up rooming together. Due to a very unfortunate event she lost her niece to brain cancer. After some research they discovered that the brain cancer could have been prevented. It turned out her nieces bedroom and classroom at school were off the charts with electromagnetic fields.

dr libby Darnell

EMF is highly controversial and many people poo poo the idea that modern day conveniences could also be killing us. It forces us to face the truth that our addiction to technology is worse than just blowing three hours on social media. Many of the people in my circle, including Dr. Darnell, believe that we will look back on this in 20 years and see this as the “smoking” of our generation.

In the 60’s no one believed that smoking could be bad for our health and many doctors even prescribed it to help their respiratory patients. Hard to believe with what we know about it today, right? Now think about how we will view technology in 20 years. Especially with the fact that 5G will be rolling out in just three short years. No longer will we have dead zones. The entire planet will be blanketed in EMF and don’t think it only affects us – our pets, plants, food,water supply and everything in between will also be affected. It is likely mental illness will increase, insomnia will reach record heights, migraines will attack half of our society and more.

Why does this matter and what can this do to your health? Tune in to listen to the show to find out what to look for and how to immediately create solutions within your own home to protect your family! Podcast #22,and #23.

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