And the 2016 Toast of Music City results are in…

Last night was a magical night to be in front of the community of Nashville once again as a top 3 nominee for the Best Interior Decorator.

THANK YOU for showing your continued support wherever your location may be!  

Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, this year we took third. Whomp, whomp.

But the ceremony wasn’t the big news, the fashion was!

toast of music city

In today’s World of Fast Fashion, the goal is to Seek QUALITY over Quantity.

So this year I did the unthinkable! I wore the same exact dress, to the same exact ceremony.


Yes, as seen above I wore the same dress as last year and it was once again, a winning dress- if only just in good classic style!  

Despite what society and social media critics say, it is OK to wear the same dress more than once!  I gave the dress a completely different look compared to last year with my Kate Spade winking clutch (a personal favorite of mine) and shoes that I originally purchased 14 years ago! Man, time really flies!

But it just goes to show, buy quality, buy once.

Over the past three months or so I’ve been carefully curating a capsule wardrobe.  In this new world of fast fashion, I’m getting back to basics, and coming to understand that less is truly more.  My goal is to have less than 50 quality pieces…including shoes!

By doing so, I’m not only choosing to invest in quality pieces but I’m also investing in myself by eliminating decision fatigue, boycotting fast fashion and what it represents, stoping the over consumption and waste of money while simultaneously saving the planet. Seriously, did you know that 13 million tons of clothes go into our landfills every year!? That is insane, not to mention what it is doing to our hyper materialistic culture .

When I buy clothing I buy quality domestic pieces, that are expensive. This ensures that every piece that I purchase is intentional and that I will adore them for years to come!  Plus they’ll actually hold up to normal wear and tear.

Fast fashion is not as cheap as many may think! When it comes to it’s impact on Mama Earth combined with our social environment of hyper consumption the cost keeps rising!  Not to mention how it makes women feel inferior so they continue to blow countless dollars on cheap fashion just to keep up with the trends.

A vicious cycle that is not sustainable.

So, stay tuned. I will be sharing more about Fast Fashion, shopping intentionally and showing you how to build your own Capsule Wardrobe over the next couple of months. Plus, stay tuned to  the latest news on my upcoming book!