OK, so in all honesty I have Traci Zellar to thank for this gold nugget. But we will get back to her in a moment. I’ve been on a huge transformational path the last 18 months. A time filled with divorce, closing my retail studio, auctioning off everything I own, selling my car and trying to find my way back up from all the dirt and chaos to learn how to breathe again. It has been a whirlwind of change, crisis, panic attacks, holy shit moments, break throughs, tears, immense joy,  and learning to live in a state of grace…..naturally.

Ester Hicks

For the last three years I have been on a journey to find this so-called state of grace but falling flat on my ass every time. Struggling to find a mentor, I hired coaches, traveled to events, networked, surfed the internet for answers and despite all the searching, my life felt chaotic, unorganized and unfocused. My purse, my desk, even my phone was filled with to-do lists that were endless. I lacked focus, and my attention span was worse than that of a nat with A.D.D. I knew I needed help but couldn’t find the “it” thing.

This year I’ve been on a new journey. Embracing only that which matters most, putting family and friends first, being present, and decorating with mindfulness. Rather than being in a state of survival and crisis I am now in a place to set goals, and plan ahead. I first heard about Whitney English on Traci’s blog last December. Still not fully present or in any state to set goals I knew in the back of my mind the day designer was exactly what I needed, when I was ready.

Whitney English Day Designer

Today I bought my 2014 Day Designer in gold. I cannot believe how excited I am to receive this darn thing! What the heck is it you ask? In Whitney’s words, “The Day Designer™ features 8 different worksheets that starts you with a broad focus then narrows down your purpose and passions into key areas to apply to a daily executable plan. It consists of  a yearly calendar, a monthly overview, a daily planning page for each day of the week, and combined weekend planning pages. And each day features an inspirational quote!”

Essentially putting life onto bite sized, manageable pages making it easy to execute. I have also learned that writing stuff down gives me a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. Instead of feeling like I ran in circles, I can review the chores, to-do’s, and hope so’s and see that I did in fact get shit done! I also love the idea of keeping my year in one place and who wouldn’t feel fancy with this gold sucker on their bedside table?

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