A few weeks ago I talked about how excited I was to get my new Whitney English, Day Designer. It arrived about a week ago and like a busy bee I’ve been setting goals and getting focused for 2014. If you have not yet purchased your day designer I would encourage you to do it quickly! There are a limited quantity and they are all handmade…so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Whitney English Day Designer

It is a terrific tool for creatives and entrepreneurs to get clear about what it is they want to achieve. In so many words it is creating a more focused you. It has you purge all your big and small ideas into one place, like a brain dump, then it helps you chunk it out day by day, week by week to help you achieve the most important things in your year. The first 10 pages of this calendar get you to your “why”. It asks hard questions like what are you most passionate about, what are your best skills and what are your core values? It hones in on your brand message, helps determine that ideal client and puts it all together in a strategic plan. By purging it all in one place and then making you write them down in measurable chunks, you can visibly see step by step how to achieve all those goals and not feel overwhelmed.

With Tobi’s course now in full swing and getting these goals down on paper I am going to be unstoppable!

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