The world of woo is never without complication. A few weeks ago I was invited onto Michelle Moore’s show, Selling Simplified. She is a local real estate agent who’s had her license since the 90’s and has expanded her brand exponentially in the last several years here in Nashville. I was thrilled to be invited onto her show to share my knowledge of Feng Shui and explain why everyone should have Feng Shui on their radar to achieve a kick ass life. After sharing the news that I was on the show on social media my team and I were flooded with emails wanting to know where they could hear the show. This got me even more excited and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!

That is until I got fired!

This morning at 8 AM my phone started ringing. I thought, who in God’s good graces is calling me this early? (this is my spiritual musings time) Well, it was Michelle. She was calling to let me know that after much prayer and angst she was not going to put our show up on her podcast. She continued to say that her audience is fully aware of her faith and she apologized but had no idea what Feng Shui really was. To be honest, I think I lost her when I told her she needed to love on her house, name her and care for her like a family member. Apparently Jesus wouldn’t approve. She went on to say that after our show she did some research on “Feng Shui” and she gasped. This was completely against her faith and not in line with who she was as a Christian and her relationship to God. Goodness, I thought, the God I know isn’t judgmental and is all about love. She may want to get a new representative!

I’d love to say that I’m shocked, maybe even disappointed, but I’m not. I have experienced this level of closed mindedness my entire life. And the older I get the more I really speak my truth and share what the other side tells me, and I no longer hold back. The irony is that I’m currently reading Robert Schwartzs’ book, Your Souls Gift, and the book is based on his channeling’s with Jesus who is talking about this very thing, LOVE. It’s all about love, and nothing else. His incarnation was entirely based on opening humanity up to the otherworldly and proving to them that we are all sparks of God. Thus, the Christ consciousness many of us know and speak about of loving kindness towards all that is.

The problem is, humans love to manipulate and control when they are operating from the basis of fear. Allowing their false egos to run the show, religion became a way to control the masses early on when people had no rights, and couldn’t even own property. But what we all must realize is that we are all sparks of God and we are all connected. We are also all awakening – albeit, some of us a little more slowly than others, and that is OK.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to share the show that Michelle and I did. The good news is, I’m going to make the content into videos which you can find on YouTube in the coming weeks.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I’m thrilled that all of you are here with me! I’m thrilled to have such an amazing group of open-minded, high vibe, men and women on this journey with me. Our Chi and our vibration is the key to opening up humanity and helping consciousness rise to the 5th dimension!

But in honor of the age old question of Feng Shui and faith, I’ve included a great podcast episode where my dear friend and interior designer, Rachel Cannon and I talk about her Pentecostal Christian upbringing and her thoughts on Feng Shui. Click below to listen to the episode.

“If you can” said Jesus. “Anything is possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:23

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