When many folks hear the word Feng Shui they conjure up ideas in their head of what that means and what they think it looks like. Over the weekend I was at a “Woo” party and when fellow light workers would ask me what my modality is, they’d lovingly nod their heads and then proceed to tell me all the books they’ve read on the subject and clutter they’d banished. One gal told me she pushed and shoved her large furniture around the living room every season to get the Shui just right. While this can stir Chi up and get things moving, that in my opinion is not Feng Shui. To me, Feng Shui is about understanding the energetics of a space. Reading and following the Chi to understand how and why it’s showing up the way that it is. I lovingly call this, 5th dimensional Feng Shui.

Imagine being at a basketball game. As you sit in the bleachers from a higher perspective, you can see where the ball should go, which way the players should turn and who is open. However, if you’ve ever played any sport in your life, it’s literally an entirely different ball game when you’re on the court or on the field. As a player, you can’t see what those in the bleachers see. Your perspective is far too close, unlike the Birdseye view your bleacher fans have that seems obvious.

This to me is what moving furniture or banishing clutter does. You’re literally on the court frantically but intelligently trying to play a game but the perspective is too close. Like the saying goes, you can’t see the forest for the trees. However, if you elevate yourself to the bleachers (the 5th dimension) you get a Birdseye view, a higher perspective of what an occupant is experiencing and why. To me it all makes sense. When I get my hands on a floor plan a rush of information floods in. I can see why the players are missing their shots, I can see where communication break downs are occurring and whether or not their coach is leading them in the right direction.

In today’s readings we learn that Dana may have financial issues and isn’t speaking up about it, and Michelle is likely getting tripped up in some area of her life, and her husband is experiencing insomnia which is probably putting a strain on their marriage. Click below to watch the video and see what exactly a floor plan reading entails.


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