When I was going through design school in California back in the late nineties I studied the methodology and energy practices of feng shui. Since being in Tennessee I have utilized very little of this training but have maintained a closet addiction, and secretly applied it through many of my interiors because I think everyone should have good balanced energy….whether they believe in it or not.

West facing front door

In feng shui you will often hear if something is auspicious or inauspicious. There are basically four popular schools of feng shui, and no matter which one you study or follow they essentially all want one thing: auspicious chi. Chi is life force energy. We are surrounded by it and the goal is to get it to flow and meander throughout our homes so that our lives are affected in very positive ways, which cannot happen if the first thing your guests see is a dilapidated, and beat-up front door.

Not only does your front door say a lot about who you are as a person, it is imperative that it greet your guests with the best energy, and attract good energy. I have spoken about this on other topics here on the blog about the way your surroundings make you feel. That is the practice of feng shui. If your guests approach your door with disgust, that energy follows into your home. Or if they are disappointed, trip on an uneven surface or worse they get confused about where the door is…that energy follows in too.

I follow the practice of  Compass Feng Shui, meaning certain directions contain different types of energies and are associated with certain paint colors. When it comes to your front door pay attention to the way your home faces, and what color you present to the world, because all directions and colors vibrate differently.

The best colors for doors facing NW, W, and SW are: Red, greige, and black.

The best colors for a North facing door: Red (North is a quiet energy so red stirs things up, grrrr)

The best color for a NE facing door: White.

The best colors for a door facing E are: Bright green and cream.

The best colors for a SE facing door: Dark green, blue and cream.

The best colors for a S facing door: Bright green, dark green, blue and purple.

Remember to keep the pathway to your door clear, attractive, and always have it meander to slow the chi down. Keep your front door adorned with beautiful shiny hardware (not beat-up, or chipped), round planters with lively plants and refrain from cluttering the doorway with things like shoes…this indicates indecision and chaos, and can also frustrate your guest if they trip or have to step over them!

Which way does your door face?

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