I am heading into week three with my Verizon Galaxy III phone. This past week I visited a Verizon store to get a better grip on how to use my phone. The customer support was awesome and I was fortunate enough to work with a gentleman named Enoch. He helped me navigate through the phone and get a better idea of how to find things. That is probably my biggest hurdle….locating where things are and returning to them once again when I need them.

Verizon store customer service, Enoch

Another feature that I was happy to discover is that the galaxy III gives it’s users many options. At first this really confused me. For example, it has Music Hub, Music player and a Play music ap on the phone. What on earth do I need three buttons for…??? Well, the phone comes equipped with apps that are repetitive. This is to give it’s user options as to how they like to use their phone and use the preferences they like. In the beginning I was under the impression they were all different but they are essentially the same thing.

Music hub, Music player, Play music

I was also a bit confused over the difference between a widget and an ap. (which you see the tab on the upper left hand side of the screen) Still not sure I fully understand the difference, but what I gather is that a widget makes your life easier with snapshots of your programs like facebook and email, and Aps are games, programs and any other time wasters you like.

One of the best tips I received from Enoch was to turn off the GPS mode. This drains your battery and isn’t necessary when not in use. But remember to turn it on when you need navigation….otherwise it’s impossible to find taco bell!

As for the basic features like texting,  phone and using internet…I use them on occasion. I am probably using it most for photos, navigation and internet. I also like the kindle feature. Being that this is not my main phone it is confusing for clients to have another phone to contact me on, and I am also concerned about what happens after the three months are up. I may continue to use the phone but am not sure. I have texted people on the phone but again not knowing if I will continue to use the phone has kept me from handing out the phone number to too many people. Stay tuned for more thought provoking tips, tricks and opinions!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors program and have been provided with a wireless device and 3 months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the device

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