Mamas house

Over the river and through the woods to mamas house we go! I am so very excited. My dearest friend from college flew in last night and we are hittin’ the road for moms house. I haven’t seen Serena in at least five years and taking a road trip and spending time at moms is just what we need! She flew in at 11 pm last night and like two 14 year old girls we stayed up till almost three in the morning talking each others ears off. It was as if we were 20 again and hadn’t missed a day in between! And who doesn’t love going to moms? I mean seriously. Perfect comfy beds, stocked fridge of all our favorites, and a liquor cabinet of every type of vodka….truly a girls dream! No one tops mom!

Moms house

Mom is so excited to see Serena and I am excited to play in the boat, laugh and enjoy neighborly bar-b-q’s with all our friends. God-I-love-summer!! I hope all of you have a terrific week, and think of all of us out in the boat, eating, drinking and being very merry!

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