When I started my podcast, Design 101, two years ago, it was clear to me that it would encompass everything from our homes, businesses, inspirations and motivations. And one of the things I say in my intro is that there are many ways to achieve balance and harmony in our lives – but it all starts at home.

Our homes are our second skin. They allow us to be our authentic selves and they nurture through good times and bad. They have seen us through our worst and they have seen us through our best. As Americans, we are bred to believe that our success in life – how we deem ourselves productive – is through financial reward. So it’s no surprise that when you lose your job or find yourself unemployed, that panic sets in. Not only do you have bills to pay, but in our society, work defines us. Whether you find that to be true or not, if you are unemployed and struggling, here are 7 ways that you and your home can work in tandem to get you back on track.

Unemployed how to feng shui your career | GatesInteriorDesign.com

According to traditional feng shui principles, your career sector is located in the front center of your home. SO if you are standing outside and facing your home it is the front center. This may or may not land where your front door is. Sometimes it lands in the garage – wherever it is, what does it look like? Put on your investigative hat and see what shows up.

Everything in feng shui comes down to one thing – ENERGY. And on a subconscious level you pick up on that dilapidated problem. So if you are trying to focus your intention in this area of your life, what is your subconscious seeing that you aren’t?

Once you are able to see some of those issues, let’s fix them!

How to feng shui your career – and cultivate your life purpose from home

1) Determine where the career sector is

Are there cracks in the foundation, causing your resume to fall through the cracks? Are your windows dirty, leaving you to feel unclear? Is the hardware on that front door unusable and broken, stopping opportunity in it’s tracks? Is your garage cluttered leaving your mind in chaotic thoughts? Take a step back to really look at your space. Take a photo and take notes.

2) Write down the issues you are experiencing

What are you experiencing? What feelings or emotions keep coming up? For example, I once had a client say to me, ” I just feel so old and tired compared to these other applicants I’m seeing. My light just doesn’t shine as bright as it used to”. Well one look at her front entrance and it was clear what her issue was. She had an old beat up door that had not been painted in ten years. The hardware was rusted and her front post lantern was burnt out. Seems crazy I know, but how are you suppose to feel great when you see that every day?

3) Make it clear what you want

What type of career do you want? What does your ideal situation look like? Are you leading a life that supports that goal? If you are wanting change into a different career are you taking actionary steps to make that happen? For example, if you are wanting to change directions entirely, are you learning about this new field? Are you taking courses, reading books and getting excited about all the new possibilities?

4) What types of items are associated with this new career?

Whether this is a field you know and trust, or it’s an entirely different direction, what types of things will enhance you in this field? For example, if you are a CPA, surround yourself with books, workshop notes, and software that keep your head in the game.


Much of what I do as a professional interior designer is helping you hone in on your hopes and dreams. Each of us wants different things – and variety truly is the spice of life. SO make your home work for you. Put it out there, and be clear about what it is you really want. Feng shui is not just moving a chair and changing your life – it’s about taking real action in your life, in the comfort of your home, to make those intentions come true.