For over a decade I have opted out of traditional, western medical practices and chosen every holistic practice I can get my hands on. One such modality that has proven to be the most beneficial to getting to the root cause of the problem is energy healing. You can go to a doctor, several doctors for that matter, and still not resolve an issue. But go to an energy healer and not only can they tell you what it is, but tell you why you have it and how to fix it. That’s why I am so excited that my dear friend, Amy Stark, is offering up an introductory course on all things energy! But more on that in a minute.

 Five years ago when David and I first started dating I use to get sever migraines. I would get them out of the blue and they could linger for days. The worst part wasn’t the pain, it was the depilating side effects of nausea, blindness, light sensitivity, inability to concentrate, and pain in my feet. I can’t tell you the countless flights I missed because I was hugging an airport toilet vomiting. Oddly enough the ONLY thing that would help the nausea were greasy french fries – but it wouldn’t help the pain. I finally found a local energy healer here in Nashville by the name of Sally Reid. I had found her by pure accident – but not really. Nothing is by accident, right? I did one 45 minute session with her. That was in 2013 and I haven’t had a migraine since.

Here’s the thing, if you listen to my podcast I say I all the time, you are energy, everything around you is energy so start with energy! That’s how I read floor plans. In my school we are taught to follow the Chi. Essentially, I look at the health of a home or office based on its Chi flow, or lack there of. If there are blocks or issues that block the energy system guess what, the health of that space and its occupants will greatly suffer. Energy medicine is no different. A healer can look at the flow of your body and determine where you have blocks that if not fixed will manifest in physical form as an illness.

But for anyone who wants to learn more about strengthening their own Chi, and understanding how it all works, Amy put together a fantastic course that is simple to understand and really fun to do! I’ve been doing this work for years and I learned so many new things! She also has some fantastic suggestions on books! Two books that she recommends are Bruce Lipton’s, Biology of Belief, and Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light – both are fantastic but be prepared to really take your time as they will expand your consciousness and make you really sit back and say, Wow!

And I should mention, this is NOT a paid endorsement. I am sharing this information because after taking the course I think that THIS is something that EVERYONE needs to learn to care for themselves and open themselves up. I also think you should share this with your kids. They are often much more open and willing to learn this and their energy systems need it. Never heard of Amy? She and I did a kick ass podcast a few weeks ago – you can check that out here 


OK back to the course – she’s offering $100 bucks off until the end of the year. So you might be saying, well what will I learn? Here’s a quick description of everything she covers:

Description of Videos:

You Are Energy Series:
An Introduction to The Energetic Body Presented By Amy Stark

The You Are Energy Series is a basic introduction for those looking to explore the power we have to change our bodies and transform our health. Throughout this series you will learn about the human energy field and how it influences and creates our health. You will also learn how the energy field can break down causing fatigue, pain and illness and the most effective ways to support and enhance the human energy field. Amy will be discussing the different energy healing modalities and why meditation is so important for both health coaches and their clients. Lastly, Amy will be addressing why it can be so difficult for some clients to make larger changes in their lives, as well as the tools that are necessary to avoid feeling drained after working with clients. Ultimately, this series will lead to a greater awareness and understanding of your self, your health and what is possible in healing.


  1. The Human Body Is Energetic
  2. What Does The Energy Body Look Like?
  3. Forms Of Energy Medicine
  4. Meditation
  5. Power Of The Mind
  6. How Do We Raise Our Vibration
  7. How Do You Protect Your Energy After Working With A Client

So head on over and support Miss Amy in teaching you all things energy. You can find out more here:





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