SOLO 8 x 36 $139,900

SOLO Floor Plan


12x 33 BASIC

12 x 33 CUSTOM $220/sf

As an interior designer I am always seeking new ideas to make our quality of life better. So when I came across the idea of reinventing or repurposing the all American trailer park, it raised an eyebrow. Is it possible to take on an American icon of low income, white beater tank tops in combination of the stigma of true white trash, and make it stylish? The architects at ALTIUS ARCHITECTURE + SUSTAIN DESIGN STUDIO think so!

Trailer parks, as a form of housing development are extremely light on the land and their infrastructure is nowhere near as disruptive of landform, soils and flora as any other type of domestic architecture. The great news is Trailers are inexpensive and efficient to heat, can be designed with quality materials and for a contemporary market, use fewer resources to build, and are light on the land. So what would a trailer park look like that were conceived on the basis of sustainable development? And one that sought after an aesthetic of natural beauty, of forest and unpaved streets, community gardens and aquatic facilities powered by solar-thermal and solar-electric panels, and composting toilets? Well the the brains behind ALTIUS ARCHITECTURE + SUSTAIN DESIGN STUDIO claim one thing, “we strive to be 100% energy self-sufficient, using a fraction of the energy and water of conventional residential developments. We place strong emphasis on preserving the natural beauty, flora and fauna of our sites, and re-naturalizing the ecological features of sites that have been compromised. We believe in creating healthy, diverse communities that encourage participation in an organic lifestyle – from our cafe, to our community garden plots!” For more info, photos FAQ go to:

Photos and content courtesy of minipark homes.

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