So you are curious about Feng Shui but it seems intangible. What exactly is it? How do you tap into it’s healing properties to get the best energy for your environment? And finally, when it comes to Feng Shui what are you suppose to look for?

Today I was interviewed by Dr Deanna Minich who specializes in the theory that color can truly heal your life. By taking it one step further using Feng Shui tools we can heal your environment! I wanted to share this interview because not only does Dr Minich ask some fantastic questions, but she covers what I feel are many questions that people have in general around Feng Shui.

top five disruptors in feng shui

Too often, people hop online, or read a book and one of two things happens, they spring into action or are unsure of what to do and give up. Much of the information out there on Feng Shui is convoluted and confusing. Today I go over the basics of what to look for and share why its so important to get the nergy right in your environment to enhance and boost every area of your life.

You can find the interview here, and be sure to have a pen and paper, I share a lot of juicy tips to get you started in Feng shui and what look for in your own home!

Feng Shui 101, the best tips to heal your life


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