Furnishing a home is already a task on its own, but add furnishing a home with eco-friendly brands and it can get overwhelming. The reason it feels overwhelming is because it takes time to seek out and research brands that are actually eco-friendly. But you know what? That’s why you have us! We did all the hard work for you and compiled a list from our own vendors that we work with everyday. You can thank us later! 😉

Top 9 Eco-Friendly Home Brands You Need to Know Now

Okay, okay. Full disclosure it really wasn’t hard work for us… I mean we are kind of in the holistic world of interior design, but our knowledge is now your golden nugget. Happy decorating!

LEE Industries – LEE Industries is a leader in upholstery manufacturing. Everything is built with superb craftsmanship and made in the USA with the promise of preserving our environment.
Cisco Brothers – Cisco Brothers have all the essentials your home needs from seating to lighting. They have it all and all their products are sustainably made.
Palecek – Palecek started nearly 40 years ago when the owner traveled the world to seek inspiration and that’s exactly what he found when he visited Asia. He was inspired by the centuries-old tradition of basket-weaving because of the use of quickly renewable materials. He began mixing an international palette of natural fibers and fast growing hardwoods into elegant furniture.
Vermont Woods Studio – Vermont Woods Studio showcases some of Vermont’s finest furniture makers who create real solid wooden furniture right here in America. How great is that?
EKLA Home – EKLA Homes prides itself on using only organic products to create their products. At EKLA Home you can get everything from fabrics to seating that is certified sustainable.
Greenington – Oh, talk about zen! When you purchase Greenington furniture you are buying an oasis of comfort that is fine bamboo furniture.
Viesso – If your taste for modern furniture needs to be satisfied we recommend Viesso. They create everything from sofas to wallpaper to outdoor furniture to rugs. Pretty much your one-stop-shop for everything eco-friendly furniture.
Coyuchi – When it comes to furnishing a home it is all about the details that bring it all together. You have not felt luxury until you’ve slept on organic bedding or dried yourself off with organic towels. Oh so good!
VivaTerra – The tagline for VivaTerra might be, “Inspired Green Living,” but just browsing the ViveTerra website will leave you with an inspiration hangover. Yes, people, it is that good! They have everything from furniture to home accents to gifts and even items for the garden.