Top Eight Crystals You’ll Need for 2018

So, let’s talk about the kick ass events that are taking place in the stars.

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A trine, meaning a geometry of sorts, will be occurring between Neptune and Jupiter. Why does this matter? Well, Neptune represents all things spirituality and dreams. Jupiter represents all things expansion. That means this is a time to be incredibly creative and enthusiastic since projects will look and feel delicious. That means, if you’ve lost your spark, this will be a time of great opportunity to rekindle that love affair with life.


What’s more exciting, is that Saturn entered Capricorn in December. This is Saturn’s home and she hasn’t been there for 26 years!!! This monumental occasion will have a direct impact on your divine mission – meaning, how you choose to be of service to the world.


And that’s not all!!! 2018 is an 11 universal year. In numerology, an 11 is a Master number that represents illumination and all things divine. It also represents opposed situations or an interference from a force that must be conquered. What does that mean? Often times, said forces arise from the illusions of one’s own mind. I’m not worthy, I’m not smart enough, I don’t have what they have, I need more resources, I don’t have the money, I’ll never get there, I don’t have the time….etc, etc.


So, it’s time to unite divided goals and illusions in order to avoid incompletion. You know all those things you’ve been putting off? You also hold all the answers, too, despite that negative self talk.Your goal this year will be to bring it all back together- conflicting desires you think can’t happen and stale inspirations that were never given the opportunity to gestate and grow. Bring them all to completion, even if that means wiping the slate completely clean. Overcome the conflicts within, face them head on, and seek the desires deep within you to unite in the end with happiness. This is where you will find your individualism amongst the crowd and learn to stand on your own. Rise, my friend, rise.


Most of you are likely freaking out as you read this. Change is hard, but here is the simple truth- change is necessary. The stepping stones can be simple, but never easy. As Brene Brown shares in her book, Braving The Wilderness-

Hold hands with strangers. We are in a spiritual crisis and the key to building a true belonging practice is maintaining our belief in inextricable human connection. That connection, the spirit that flows between us, and every other human being in the world is not something that can be broken.


However, our belief in that connection is constantly tested and repeatedly severed.

It is our connection with one another that makes us human and helps feed the biggest question of our lives, why are we here? Through community and connection we find purpose. Here, we can truly serve. But, how can you serve if so many goals are left undone? How can you maintain a healthy human connection with so many self-limiting beliefs?

This folks, will be a year to align with why you are here, tap into your core desires, and manifest goals and intentions that have laid dormant far too long. This will be a year that will not only uplift you but change you to the core! Are you ready?

Essentially, this is the year that brings procrastination to its knees, and, forces you, pushing and screaming, back to the surface for a deep long breath of opportunity and self reflection. Since half of the population will agree that this is the kind of shit that makes them squirm in discomfort- I’m here to offer up 8 tools to help you weather the storm.


Eight Crystals to help you through 2018

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Blue kyanite – This stone will help you facilitate meditation, align your chakras automatically and stimulate your communication skills.

Blue Opal – Improves communication, helps you understand those around you and reduces your blood pressure.

Blue Quartz Alleviates fear and stress, will help you overcome obsessive habits, give you mental clarity and help you feel balanced

Selenite – One of the best energy shifters, this stone removes negativity from your auric field, and rapidly removes blocked, stagnant energy.

Malachite Draws out your emotional imbalances, protects you from environmental pollutants.

Rhodonite – Helps increase your meditation effectiveness, and removes negative states like anxiety.

Ruby – Improves positive states of mind, provides security and increases self esteem.

Jasper – One of the best grounding stones, and helps clear your etheric body of bullshit.

Top crystals you'll need for 2018