One of the best things about being in the design industry is all the factors that come into play when designing a home. Designers have their hands in everything from paint, trim, furniture, fabric, hardware, tile and more. While I love all of it, tile is especially fun because tile is like jewelry for the home. SO many fun things that can be done, and SO many options.  A few days ago I received a Tile USA catalog and like getting a Toys R us catalog at 7, I was pretty darn excited!

Tile can be scary to a lot of people. They fear making the wrong choice because it is permanent, so everyone in recent years has had a “honed travertine default button”. I have walked so many beautiful high-end homes with boring back splashes and tile surrounds in their bathrooms all filled with travertine. Don’t get me wrong. I actually like travertine. It is a great product. Even better with the tuscan design many homes donned in the late nineties and early two thousands. But that trend faded fast and lighter brights, whites and strong splashes of color are saturating the magazines and inter webs.


top 5 tile trends

According to Tile USA, they are seeing several consistent trends that customers are buying up, and this is good news for designers and homeowners alike looking for something different!

Top 5 tile trends everyone needs to know if remodeling

1) Thin grout lines

I have been doing this for years, but it is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners who now ask for thin grout lines.

Tight grout lines

2) Textured tiles

Tiles that look like fabric, wood or other non-traditional tile surfaces that make you want to touch them. This bathroom below has floors that look like wood, but when you take a closer look, they’re porcelain.

Bathroom tile

3) Mixing materials

Traditionally considered a no no, mixing different tiles, sheen and colors is now very common , and aesthetically pleasing. In this bathroom I mixed a glass tile with a subway tile.

Subway tile

4) Mosaics

Unique, and extremely high-end looking, elaborate tile patterns create texture and beautiful focal points. Also a great way to add color and style instantly. I haven’t had a client willing to commit to this style, but I love the idea of it. Like this one from Arizona Tile.

Fancy mosaic tile

5) Glass

Glass has been used for years, but hit mainstream about ten years ago in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere. Considered early on as a strong trend that people would tire of, glass is still one of the most popular elements used in homes today. Here I used it as an accent in this kitchen to pull out the labradorite in the counters.

Glass tile backsplash

What are some of your favorite tile trends that you’ve noticed?