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Today I’m sharing with you my top tips to clean your house naturally, with kick-butt products like Swiffer. As an interior designer I get asked all the time, “How do I care for my furniture when I clean and keep the family safe?” Great question, and today I’m going to share some of my favorite tips using my favorite products. And I want to give a huge shout out to Om Media. A good friend of mine, Lin Corto asked if I’d be interested in receiving some free Swiffer products to share with all of you how I use them, Ummmm, yes!! I love free stuff that I actually use! Here’s a quick video showing how I use the products and then scroll below to see my favorite recipes. And remember, if you have any questions, I’m just an email away!

Top 3 All-Natural Cleaning Tips Using Swiffer Products:

Tip 1) When cleaning wood floors I use my Swiffer Floor Mop, with a dry pad and spray the floor with my All-Natural floor cleaner:

1.5 C water

1.5 C vinegar

15 – 20 drops Peppermint essential oil

*Combine all the ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake it up and just spray a small amount as you go. And to keep life simple, write the ingredients on your spray bottle with a sharpie!

Have a really dirty floor? Combine:

1 C liquid Castile soap

1/4 C lemon Juice

10 drops tea tree essential oil

6 C warm water

*Mix all ingredients and spray as you go over it with your mop

Tip 2) Cleaning windows can be a drag, but use your Magic Eraser and the dirt comes right off!

3 t liquid Castile soap

1/2 t  Baking soda

1  C White vinegar

8 – 10  drops lemon essential oil

*Combine all ingredients into a spray bottle and shake well. Get the magic eraser moist, spritz the window and scrub with the magic eraser. If any residue remains, wipe with newspaper or a dry cloth with a little vinegar.

Tip 3) – Wall cleaner – So I always recommend to test this one as each paint manufacturer is a little different, but for common everyday stains, a wet Magic Eraser is typically enough to do the trick. For peskier stains, check out my post on How to clean painted walls safely. You can also try this if you want to remove dust and just shine them up:

1 gallon water

1 C white vinegar

1/4 C lemon oil

*Just mix all ingredients and then gently wipe with your magic eraser or a soft cloth.


– When it comes to dusting I rarely use anything other than the Swiffer duster. I will occasionally use Murphy’s Oil Soap on my cabinets and other wood furniture for a safe and effective cleaner to get pesky stains, or grime out.

– When it comes to cleaning, use a method that is efficient and works for you. I often use flash cards. I learned this trick years ago and still use it today. Keep 5-7 flash cards for all the chores that need to be done in a week for your home. Limit 2-3 chores per card. Keep the flash cards in a recipe box, junk drawer or cupboard. Randomly pick out a card each day. Whatever the chores are on the card is what gets done that day. Set your timer (preferably 30 minutes) for the flash card pulled. Once those chores are complete, separate that card from the rest of the chores that have not been done for that week. This keeps chores manageable, and not so routine. Sometimes I vacuum on Tuesday’s and sometimes is gets done on Saturday, either way it gets done and keeps me on my toes.

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What are some of your favorite cleaning tips? Share in the comments below, and if you have any questions, be sure to email me at [email protected]