Top 10 places to eat in Nashville during shelter in place

It can be hard to think about food when experiencing such uncertain times, so let’s talk about what we are feeling. I’d say it’s a mix of grief, uncertainty, stress and fear. Hell, even though I’m an introvert, I’m grieving about not being able to hop in my car and go to yoga. Last week I ran to Whole Foods to grab more imperishable goods. With such unprecedented times what happens if we lose internet or electricity? Back in January I had an odd sense we’d be at home without one or both. I stocked up on candles and made hard copies of everything I’ve ever written. Seemed crazy at the time, but go back 6 months ago. Had someone told you you’d be ordered to stay home would you have believed it? Would you believe that toilet paper would be more valued than gold? Sounds like something out of a science fiction book!

So where does that leave us?

Many restaurants, bars and places of food and entertainment are struggling. This is considered a time when many people would be getting out, enjoying the spring weather and dining with friends. Small businesses, like those on this list, need your support to keep them going. Here are some great choices to try out. Grab a to-go order, the family and maybe dine al Fresca!

Below I’ve curated a list of some of my top eatery’s in Nashville. Whether you’re going on a date with your spouse, or looking for a great place to grab some food for the family, here’s a great place to start!