Next week we celebrate Memorial Day in what officially kicks off grilling season. Grill masters unite! Who doesn’t love fresh summer veggies and a burger or two off the grill? As you know we like to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and our eco-friendly to a maximum. It’s just how we roll.

That’s why we’re bringing you tips on how to throw the greenest cookouts around all summer long!

Reusable or compostable utensils
Do you know how long plastic utensils, plates, and cups live on this earth? For freakin’ ever! This is why it is so important to you use items that you will either reuse over and over or compostable items you can throw away with a clear conscious. Amazon has some amazing choices for utensils, plates, and cups.

Use a grill that uses natural gas or is electric
Usually when people light up the grill they’re using charcoal or wood chips, however the option that reduces your carbon footprint the most is firing up with natural gas or electric grills.

Local grown veggies, bonus points for local meat
Another great way to go green for your summer cookouts is by buying local. Support your local farmers by buying all your produce and even your meats from them. Total win-win for everyone!

Organic or local adult beverages
What’s a cookout without a little booze? Instead of heading to the nearest grocery store last minute to grab the adult beverages be more intentional about your selections. Order some fantastic organic wine or drop by your local brewery to pick up a couple cases of beer.

Make lemonade for kids instead of juice boxes
Let’s face it, kids drink a lot of juice boxes. Especially while playing outdoors in the heat. Overtime those boxes add up! Instead of offering juice boxes take a few extra minutes to mix together some fresh lemonade for the kiddos.