The Voodoo That You Do

The red envelope tradition is both mystical and widely misunderstood. Many feel that it’s pure voodoo, some say it’s folklore and others downright poo poo it and say it’s all been made up and roll their eyes. This past summer I was told by a widely known energy healer that my gift of a Red Envelope to her for her workshop wouldn’t be accepted because it made her inferior to me. Again, widely misunderstood, so let’s start from the top.

Why We Exchange Red Envelopes

The Red Envelope tradition is a practice primarily used in the BTB School of Feng Shui and its purpose is to show respect towards your practitioner and protect the transmission of ancient Feng Shui knowledge that has been passed down. The knowledge that I have been gifted, and then share with you, once rested on the shoulders of a wise Buddha before me and that Red Envelope is an exchange of sacred energy, thanking that Buddha for their wisdom. (I mean, if you’re struggling and what I share with you can change your life, isn’t that worth honoring?)

The practice of giving your practitioner a Red Envelope functions as a talisman to manifest good fortune for you and carries the good Chi, or energy forward. Big occasions like Chinese Lunar New Year, birthdays and weddings are also very auspicious days to exchange the gift of a Red Envelope. Many people misunderstand the exchange of a Red Envelope because it includes the exchange of some form of money. These monies are not a tip. These monies are placed within the Red Envelope to provide weight and energy, thereby providing protection to the practitioner for sharing heavenly secrets.

Money has been placed in the envelopes for millennia because it is an exchange of energy that everyone understands.

The money, whether a penny, or thousands of dollars is then donated. The monies are never kept. That energy of gratitude and sincerity placed within the envelope is sacred and when gifted to someone in need raises their Chi, and provides them an infusion of healthy, vibrant Chi that brings them good fortune. It’s a win-win-win for all parties, and boosts karma for all.

Grandmaster, Professor Lin Yun who brought BTB Feng Shui to North America, asked that all his Feng Shui students and practitioners honor the Red Envelope tradition when sharing transcendental, sacred methods. (Also known as heavenly secrets.) These esoteric teachings are secret and held close to the chest because they are so widely misunderstood, and misused, but if honored correctly, can effect you in very auspicious ways!

Why Red?

Red is considered highly auspicious in the Chinese culture and gifting someone a Red Envelope gathers more luck, money and good fortune. It also sends good fortune to the person who is gifted the money. Their very essence are part of a sacred tradition that enables you to tap into ancestral lineage that is thousands of years old and needed more than ever before. The tradition empowers you to be mindful of those shoulders you are standing on and paying homage to their wisdom. Even the exchange of a penny with great sincerity supports the effectiveness of the information shared with you, and greatly benefits those it’s gifted to, including your practitioner.

Red envelope tradition

Let’s Summarize 

To sum it up, the Red Envelope Tradition is a means of honoring and protecting the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui. It also shows respect for your Feng Shui practitioner who shared sacred knowledge with you to help you improve your life.

Not every practitioner honors this tradition and some schools are taught differently. So be sure to ask your practitioner if he or she practices this tradition. No matter what, show sincerity and gratitude for your Feng Shui consultation. Your practitioners’ knowledge and wisdom runs deep, and they are there to facilitate auspicious change for you and your family. Doubt or worry can interrupt the subtle energies at play so the exchange of a Red Envelope given with true sincerity can reverse any trepidation and even boost your adjustments. If you do not have access to traditional Chinese red envelopes don’t fret! A simple Red Envelope provides the same exchange and we sell them in our store here in a pack of 9.





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