Many of us often turn to books, workshops, retreats and even vacations to transform our lives… even if for a moment. Some of us constantly seek change while others just struggle to say ahead. The challenge isn’t to seek temporary relief in a fleeting book or workshop but rather to find something that recharges us daily, like home. You can’t eat ice cream every day and then expect a 6 week diet to be the answer to all your solutions. Same goes for clutter. Although many of us do because instant gratification is at the core of our culture.

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, it’s practice is simply an intention set forth by you to purposefully arrange your stuff to gain positive results. Period. Call it what you will, cleaning, decluttering, organizing or making shit pretty….the goal is to purposefully do it. Just like eating that ice cream, you cannot expect it (the clutter) not to have an affect on your home; sure you can eat all the ice cream you want, but what happens to your health? When your environment is cluttered up it is essentially like eating to much ice cream. Your energy slows down, you’re lethargic, things in your life are stagnant, you lose sight of goals, you’re unmotivated, chaotic with unclear thoughts, and down right lazy. How can you possibly be inspired when your house feels like it’s taking over?

This room above is the perfect example. According to Miss D the homeowner, “I hate this room. It is uninspiring, I feel unenergized, cold, and blah in this room. I work in here all the time and it’s uncomfortable.” How many of you out there have this same room in your home? The “I hate this room……it feels blah……it’s uninspiring….??

After-Southern Dining room

A well organized space allows the energy to move freely. You are motivated, uplifted and ready to take on the world. Why on earth would you want to seek this on a yo-yo diet basis when you could have it in your home everyday? The above pictures are a terrific example of a a restorative space come to life. Located in the fame section of her home, Miss D wanted a true Southern dining room. One with deep red walls, rich fabrics, comfy chairs and delicious family antiques.  Whether or not this room is your taste doesn’t matter. The point, (and I do have one) is this is what SHE wanted to her core. This is what she LOVES. This is want RESTORES her and makes her HAPPY. At the end of the day we all want different things. We all have different taste. So why on earth do we try to fit our round personality’s in a square shelter magazines “must-haves?” To achieve a restorative home you must remove the clutter and surround yourself with the things that mean the most to you, not your family, not your neighbors, you! And I promise when you do this you you’ll be inspired to write that best selling book just like Mrs D.

What are some things you can do today to uplift the energy in your home and get inspired?

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