Two years ago this beautiful William Sonoma Home graced my mail box. I am not a big fan of WS, however, I fell in love with this cover, and well, the whole book. How am I not a fan I thought? I don’t prescribe to any particular style, {a} It is professional career suicide and {b} it is personal design suicide. I mean really, I am a Designer, aka-caprcious, unpredictable, and my lines of reality are a bit blurred between fantasy and actuality. It is in my DNA to be A.D.D, and my professional duty nature not to pick any one style- even if my life depends on it! If I could make a decision for {myself} I would have designed my house ten years ago and stuck with it, instead of flailing around like a 3 year old hopped up on juji fruits, and licorice suffering to make a simple decision on pillow trim. Until this cover enamored me. And two years later, STILL does.
What is it about this style that is so attractive? What exactly is it? It is American Country. The new and improved approach to easy living, with a more youthful and modern twist. Often when a client of mine hears the word “country” they squeal, and run the other way. Actually, so do I. Until now, I never even included this word into my vocabulary. American country is different, it is sophisticated, refined, and easy. Traditionally the look comes from a space converted from a primary use, into another, like a barn turned into a home. 
Stephen and Gail Huberman
American Country can also be a space that looks like a space that was something else. (Like the photo above). American country generally has new mixed in with old. Refined yet livable.
Remains Lighting
American Country has roots in the past, but it is always reaching ahead. Commonly found items in American Country are:
1) Stone generally on fireplaces
2) Raw timber as beams or accessories
3) Iron accents like chandeliers or hardware
4) Furniture from days gone by with original distressing
Stephen and Gail Huberman
Why is American Country a look that people love? Because it has an adult look, without feeling fussy. It is easy on the eyes, and when things are distressed, you feel more comfortable and relaxed. The colors are generally warm, and inviting and mixing stone, with raw timber, distressed furniture, and warm colors is a guaranteed recipe to all things pleasant and agreeable. I also think the look is appealing because it only focuses on necessity, and leaves out the clutter. It also appeals to the GO BIG OR GO HOME motto that Gates Interior Design thrives on. What do you think about the NEW look of country?