Black carbon stairs

I try to get onto Pinterest at least once a day to stay in the loop with the most popular pins. It is a great way to see trending topics and products that consumers love, especially when it comes to home decor. And I cannot tell you how many times Pinterest has lead me to a product I didn’t even know existed! More recently I’ve noticed that stair railings are extremely popular. Especially those with unique designs and railings.

From Interiorzine

When I came across Interiorzine this past week I was excited to see an article on Black Carbon stairs. I had not seen these on pinterest but knew that they would be of interest to many people. While I do not know how much these cost, and I probably don’t want to know, I do think that they may inspire some incredible stair designs in the future.

From interiorzine

What do you think? I think these designs have serious potential and could become great conversation starters, not to mention superb pieces of art for your home. Could you see these in your home?

Photos and pics: Stylepark, interiorzine

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