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Back in September I was busy stalking CoryAnne Ettiene, from House Wife bliss, trying to convince her that we were going to be fast friends. Although my wicked sense of humor was a false sense of security, and all in my head, I somehow convinced her that I was someone she needed to know. When she later approached me for the holiday decorating series, I knew my annoying behavior paid off; or she really wanted me to shut-up and and just go away. Either way, I was now one of the popular kids and now committed to a stupidly insane schedule for October. Perfect time to revamp the blog, hire a new assistant, and let’s throw in a decorating series with some of my other best blogging friends.

Ok so where the Hell is all this going? I do have a point,… despite my scenic route approach to telling you. Because I was so busy stalking Coryanne, I was determined to make her my new BFF. (And she was determined to make me disappear even if it took top shelf vodka as the carrot) In the middle of October she sent me an email asking if I was attending lavish! the unconference, conference. I had no idea what the Hell that meant, but when I found out it was being held in the ATL, (super duper close to me) and that she was going, I knew I needed to be a part of it. Stalking her would be much easier in Atlanta vs Arizona!


Unfortunatley CoryAnne had a gameplan and bailed on me at the last moment. Apparently she had something way more important going on in her life like a new TV show and radio series, and was too busy to come to lavish! Booo! Ok, it was hard, but I got over it and realized that this was something that with or without her, I had to attend. It was fresh, innovative and a great excuse to head to Atlanta and hang with Dayka from Meditations on life and style.

The Hotel

The venue was held at The Mansion on Peachtree. A beautiful boutique hotel with awesome accomodations and the best dirti south vodka martini!

The Mansion on Peachtree

The Mansion on Peachtree

Everything was perfectly appointed for the holidays, and a designers dream for inspiration.

The Mansion on Peachtree

The Mansion on Peachtree

The event

Friday the event started at Room and Board, with stylist Anette Joseph. She enlightened us on how a room is transformed for magazines like Better Homes and Gardens. Often times when they go into a home, no matter how beautiful it is, people don’t really “live” they way the magazines looks. Things are adjusted and scaled properly for the shoot. Below is an example of what the cover would look like before the stylist, and then after.

Room and Board with Anette Joseph

Better Homes and Gardens before

Better Homes and Gardens after


The event was jammed pack full of great bloggers and entrepreneurs. Each eager to share their best tips and secrets to sucessful blogging. Most importantly, all the speakers were truly inspiring.

Brian Flynn Patrick of Decor Demon

Design Sponge panel

There were many, many seminars back to back on Saturday so the Rue/HGTV party Saturday night was a great way to let loose, and let our hair down…

Rue and HGTV party


Ok so by the time Sunday rolled around, I was as tired as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. No joke. I actually rolled out of bed, took a shower, and when I sat back down on the bed to start preparing for the day…..I fell asleep and had the best 1 hour nap of my life! Lucky for me I woke up in time to attend ‘The best blogging tips,’ by Nicole Cohen of Sketch 42 and Erica Reitman of Design Blahg, two of the best bloggers on the planet.


Unfortunately I had to go after they spoke. Nashville was getting hit hard with a massive blizzard and I still had to drive home! So, in fear of getting stuck on the side of the road I said my good-byes and hit the road. I had the best time, and met the best personalities in blogging. It truly is a unique platform to share ideas, receive the best support, and create universal camaraderie.

The lavish! event was so much fun to attend and I look forward to next years event. I missed the finale wrap-up but here you can see lemonade and cupcakes were set-out to send us off. Yum!

Lavish! Send Off

The showroom.

When the mouse is away the cat will….

Harley the Cat

While I was in Atlanta Katie started setting up some of the new furniture for the showroom, from Highpoint. Here you can see Harley testing it out making sure it  passes the comfort test. Hmmm, wonder if it passes..?


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