Happy New Year!

The day has finally come, January 1st, 2021. A new year is here. Is there a sigh of relief? Perhaps. I think many have perceived 2020 as a curse word. But for those who listen to my podcast, you knew it was coming. I first began hearing about 2020 in 2009 after my then astrologer, Tom Brady, told me our new normal was building up to this big year; now infamously known as 2020. And after that, everything would change. There would be a shift in everything.

2021. A Universal Year to be mentally prepared for. In the next five years, we will continue to experience great change. On one hand, this can be something to fear, on the other it can be something to wholeheartedly embrace. I choose to embrace the change. In so many ways this change is needed. It exposes all the things that do not serve us, is harmful to our planet, and has been to our detriment. But in order to embrace it with grace, you must open yourself up to higher consciousness. To oneness. Now more than ever energy will be the medicine of the future.

This year will be dominated by higher thinking. Many new technologies will emerge, new systems, and old structures will crumble. And they will occur at a break-neck speed. Nothing will be left untouched. Even the way we view marriage will change. Not only will this be a year of higher thought, but the energy itself will work at such great speeds some may feel like they can’t keep up. So what do you do?

To learn more about the year and how to prepare, I highly recommend you purchase my new workshop, Feng Shui and Astrology. It explains the intensity of the energy we are headed into and how to use Feng Shui to ground your Chi. You must also pay attention to your own home. Start with the top five disruptors™. Here is a quick free video on YouTube, and if you want to learn more I have a terrific course that goes into greater detail.

Your home will either accelerate or moderate the energy this year. And so many factors come into play. What is your house address? What is going on with those Top 5 Disruptors? What is the key elemental makeup to your personal Chi? Are you taking care of your Chi?

For example, one of my favorite things to do is review real estate Hotsheets. Now that I am a real estate agent I can see all the new homes that have just been listed, literally within seconds of them being posted. Here is a great example of a home that could experience tremendous movement and change in 2021.

This home was just listed in Laguna Beach, California. If you have taken my Mastering Feng Shui course, you learn the importance of the home address. This home is located at 464 El Bosque. That makes this a 5 address. We are headed into a 5 Universal Year, which is talked about in my new Feng shui and astrology workshop, mentioned above. That means this home’s energy will experience tremendous change and movement, perhaps far more than the homeowner can handle, especially if they are a dominant earth element. In addition, this home has a very distinct nuance that is very rare at a front door – a fireplace directly opposite from it and in very close proximity. In my world, we would call this a nuance, within a nuance. And a side note, when people ask me how on earth I have studied Feng Shui for 22 years, and what on earth am I learning, it’s nuances like this. Only a highly skilled practitioner catches nuances like this.

This nuance matters because if this person is in fact a dominant earth element, she needs fire to fuel her flame. If she is an out of balance Metal personality she will need fire to balance out her Chi. The front door is where all Chi enters the home and nourishes everything. If it is compromised, as it is here, there will be trouble. Combine that with fast-moving energy from the home and year, and this could pose a lot of issues for this homeowner. Kate Spade had this nuance in her New York home and she committed suicide. Now I am not saying this detail will lead to suicide, however, when your personal energy and the energy of your home is compromised, there will be trouble.

As I mentioned above, energy medicine is the wave of the future. True health and wellness from a holistic, and all-natural approach are how we will seek out balance. We will no longer look to prescriptions and medications to dull symptoms that stem from an imbalance of energy, or Chi. Everyone will see the importance of taking care of our planet, creating more sustainable ways of living – and it will no longer be trendy, it will be mandatory. Our monetary system will also be getting a massive overall. In order to really move gracefully through all this change, your most valuable asset is healthy Chi. It is only through healthy, strong Chi that you can be flexible, adaptable, and resilient.

Here is to resilient and lasting change!

With love and Shui