About two years ago I started working on a project in California. The homeowner kept telling me, now due to the economy I want to do some “horse trading”. The economy? What the hell are you talking about? It’s great! Im making more money than I have ever made. There is no need for “horse trading”. And with a hint of what looked to be concern, or maybe constipation, he said it. The F word. F R U G A L.

Everyone knows it. As a designer Im familiar with it, but it was difficult to hear while my head was in the sand;.. I like the beach what can I say? But here in TN the land of true Southerners, where all things come battered, smattered, deep fried, and loaded with butter, (lets face it EVERYTHING tastes better with butter!) there is nothing that a good old fashion home cooked meal can’t fix. I mean come on, mac and cheese is considered a vegetable!
But it seems that the new “it” word has shifted from starbucks to FRUGAL. This news started disgorging doom and gloom early last year. But in our perfect little southern bubble of deep fried paradise, we sat in our rockers undisturbed. Then October hit. Like greasy fried bacon at the waffle house it was sure to come. As a designer I have been force-fed the truth of reality. ( Insert barbie here, where all things are pink, wonderful and fabulous, if only for a moment!)
The word BUDGET became null and void. Like Vampires in the night it never existed, it swiftly exited out the back door. Everyone had a BUDGET. FRUGAL is a whole new territory for me. I have always advocated myself as a budget friendly designer. But now Im faced with living large on a FRUGAL budget, where Im required to screw, glue and make it new. Like Mcgiver Im finding fishing line, wire, and a pair of plyers to be my saving grace. (Where is that damn bedazzler when I need it?!)
Frugal is fascinating and challenging all rolled up into one messy hair net at the school cafeteria. It’s forcing us to get back to our roots, connect with community and grow a damn garden. (Im telling you, they have produce at this place called the GROCERY STORE, no need to stand outside in this heat hoping on a wing and a prayer that a radish will grow!) For that matter let’s just go to the cracker barrel. Im convinced that like the swine flu this is nothing that a little hand sanitizer can’t get rid of, it works on everything, right? Ok, so MAYBE my opinion is a little distorted, could be all the sand in my ears left over from the beach, but it brings me back to a time when I was three and my new FUN word was…. S H I T!
In such FRUGAL times, I find myself saying this a lot lately. Holy Shit! Oh Shit! Shit, shit, shit! God love her, my mama would point that finger at me and say “dont say the word SHIT!” So in honor of my FRUGAL, thrift shop lovin mama I am selling my “Dont say the word shit” matches half off today. And while this doesn’t solve our global problems, or our national problems for that matter, like our friend Maggi says “just add a little glitter and stir”; for good measure you may want to add butter, it makes EVERYTHING taste better, especially in FRUGAL times.
For shit matches go to ABHOMEINTERIORS.COM, click on gifts, fun and whimsical.
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