While the summer may be almost over, the fact remains it’s not over yet! I’m clinging on to every last day of summer until every drop of it is gone. For most people August is the last ditch effort to make the summer fun and memorable, especially when you have kids that are headed back to school. That’s why August is one of the peak months for traveling and taking a relaxing vacation. While getting away looks like different things to different people, a vacation to me involves a swimsuit, water, and lots of sun. Because of this I’ve got my beach bag packing down to a science… so much so I could probably add this mad skill to my resume.

I’ve got all the staples covered from the adorable but functional large beach bag, stylish sunglasses, sunscreen, and huge beach towel. You’ve also have to make sure you pack an adequate waterproof bag to keep your phone, money, and makeup for quick touch ups dry; cute flip flops to pair with a chic coverup in case you get a bit peckish and want to venture off in search for some food. And let’s not forget the most important item…. your favorite vodka. And water because apparently it’s a great idea to keep hydrated with good ol’ H2O so you don’t end up a dehydrated drunk turned belly up shark bait. That’s not cute. Below you’ll find just what exactly I keep in my beach bag whether I’m going to the beach, the neighborhood pool, or the lake.
The essentials for every beach bag
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