Design can be a tricky thing. When done well, it can instantly change the feeling of a room and make your heart sing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of common mistakes I see again and again from client’s who just don’t know any better. To an untrained eye the room looks fairly good, but feels a little off and you can’t put your finger on the “why,” despite your best efforts at decorating like a pro.

Spaces that feel amazing are the result of the 50/50 rule. Everything down to the accessories look and feel great because there is scale and proportion in relation to space. This is also one of the most important principles in feng shui. Your space simply cannot be overwhelmed with stuff – it must be allowed to breathe.

So when you look at all those amazing photos of well-designed spaces on the internet, or glossy pages of a magazine and wonder why your bedroom still feels off, more than likely you have made one of these nine mistakes.


9 mistakes your making in your bedroom |

The Biggest Mistakes You’re Probably Making In Your Bedroom

  • Art hung incorrectly – this is a repeat offender. For over twenty years I have been preaching to clients how to properly hang art, and I still see this mistake. Never hang your art more than eye level. When art is hung to high it just just looks ridiculous.
  • The fear of color – also a repeat offender. In fear of making a wrong choice, people will just purchase everything in beige. When done correctly this can be a soothing palette. But when done incorrectly it looks like a college dorm room. Learn to experiment with color, it will change your life.
  • Lack of window treatments – most homeowners, especially when it comes to the bedroom, think window treatments are a waste of money. So their poor little windows sit naked for ten years, making it look like you moved in yesterday. Buy the best you can afford, and hang some drapes to soften your windows and create a dreamy space.
  • No headboard – again, this isn’t a college dorm room. This is where you spend a third of your life, so invest in an attractive headboard that is pretty and comfortable.
  • Office clutter – for some reason, bedrooms have become the new dumping ground for work related tasks. Paper, books, post-it notes and more. This creates a chaotic space and doesn’t allow your mind to rest – so get rid of the paper paraphernalia and leave it in the office where it belongs.
  • Electronics – another repeat offender. iPads, laptops, iPods, headphones, phones – get rid of the electronics. This space is meant for relaxation and rest and the additional clutter just makes your bedroom look messy.
  • Poor lighting – I swear I would have a gazillion dollars if I were paid every time I saw poor lighting in a bedroom. Old crooked lamps that barely work, mismatched lamps, floor torchieres from college and small lamps that serve no purpose. Layer your lighting and create ambience in your bedroom.
  • Only one nightstand – now I realize some bedrooms are small, but there is always a way to get two nightstands, even if its a chair.
  • Low quality linens – as I mentioned above, you spend a third of your life in this room. More importantly a third of your life sleeping – so buy good linens! Tim Ferris recently went to Panama and was given the best advice by a woman who had little money:

[Tweet “Invest in good linens and shoes because you’re always in one of them.”]

Having a well-designed bedroom that supports you will intrinsically change you. You will achieve a level of ease and grace, and you will feel more rested. We have enough chaos in our day to day lives – so rather than adding to it, help wash it away with a calming space that feels great!