Here in the elbow of the world, otherwise known as Nashville, Tennessee, lamp stores are hard to come by. We have some great stores like Graham’s lighting, and Lumen Lamps, but our lamp stores are few and far between. That is one of the reasons I go to Market so many times a year, to see trends, and  FIND resources.
Everything I purchase, whether for me or a client, I always approach with my first motto, GO BIG OR GO HOME. Now I am sure my inbox will be chalked full of discontent, but I don’t subscribe to short squatty lamps. (Not. Gonna. Do. It.) Isn’t the whole point of a lamp to SEE things? I would rather SEE the cocktail table before it bites me and leaves me with a big red toe; BEFORE I walk into it. But hey, who am I to say that short squatty lamps are pointless….Gaaa! ok I am going to say it, “Short squatty lamps are pointless!”
If you missed my post on how to select the right lamp, I would highly recommend you read it. This post is an excellent guideline to follow when searching for a lamp, and how to shop effectively to get the results you want, and the light you need. Also, many consumers like to have options and as a result many manufacturers sell lamp bases and shades separately to give you choices. As good as options and choices are, the manufacturer suddenly turned purchasing a lamp into rocket science. If you would like to skip the aero physics degree I would recommend you read How to select the right lamp shade to help you get through the mud of buying a lamp and shade separately.
Robert Abbey
In my opinion lamps are like cars,…. f-a-n-c-y cars! And I have a theory on purchasing a fancy, expensive car. If you are going to be extravagant and throw a ridiculous amount of money at a car,
GO BIG OR GO HOME! For example, I have a client that waited six months for a special Mercedes that came from over seas. He went on and on, AND on about how fabulous this thing was and all the features. He almost had me convinced that I needed to rob a bank, and sell my right kidney to get one. Finally, the day came and it arrived, and I ran out side to see a big white car that looked like my assistants KIA. In fact, I mistakenly walked to her car! YIKES!!
Really, I thought? You spent the equivalent of my lifes income on one vehicle and you got WHITE. I’m sorry, but if you are going to buy a big fancy car, buy a big fancy car with the paint job to show it off. If that wasn’t your point in the first place (to show it off) you would not have purchased it in the first place. (and waited six months for it!) A nice white KIA would do. The same goes for lamps. I believe that lamps are like jewelry and they should be shown off. Keep them big, and find lamps that are unique, exotic or have fancy paint jobs. Make them as unique and special as possible! Vroom, Vroom.

Lamps are special accessories. Not only can they provide light so you can SEE, ( so you don’t end up with a red toe) but they are jewelry to your home. Make it count. A special lamp gives you wow factor, and helps you achieve a well appointed home. Always keep your lamps tall, and buy quality. Ever wonder the difference between one lamp and another? Ever wonder why a lamp at Target costs $100, and a boutique lamp costs $500? There are many factors, and just like linens buy the BEST you can afford. Factors that can affect price can vary a lot, but typically it is the way they have been wired, how they were made, and the material that is used.
So now that you know what to look for, and how to buy, where can you find the best lamps? I have listed a few of my favorites above with attached links, and here are a few more of AB HOME’s trusted list of lamps that we would rob a bank and sell our right kidney for:
Zia Priven
Jamie Young
Four Hands
Shine Everyday
Keep a binder or notepad with you at all times that is small but easy to find. Keep dimensions, and lamp needs handy so you know what you are looking for. Keep in mind the scale of the room, and furniture the lamp will be used on. Try to have a lamp in mind that you are looking for, but don’t set your sights so high that you spend a year looking for something that doesn’t exist. And don’t overlook other great styles that could work even better. GO BIG OR GO HOME should be at the front of your mind. Look for unique styles, fancy paint jobs, and if you would rob a bank and sell your right kidney for it, I’d say it is the perfect lamp!!
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