When I first started my company seven years ago my mindset was, “I want to work from home and not for someone else.” I really had no intentions of being an “entrepreneur.” But I will be honest, I had a terrible track record working for other people. Overall I was a good employee, or at least I think I was, but I HATED being told what to do. I also hated the pressures of performance expectations for someone else’s benefit.

In 2005 I launched AB HOME. A little company out of house that allowed me to earn a living, and play by my own rules. By 2006 I realized that I needed to take this a bit seriously so I launched my first website. Surprisingly it was a hit, and people loved that they could “google” me and flip through my portfolio. By 2007 my company was extremely profitable and working from home was awesome. But by 2008 the company was doing exceptionally well so it was time to get product and staff out of the house and take it to the next level by upgrading into a brick and mortar. Why that shift occurred I really don’t know or can’t remember, but that is when I began to realize that I was an “entrepreneur.” For years the idea of running my own company terrified me. Taxes, responsibilities, employees…all of it seemed overwhelming. Looking back I feel like I went in head first and didn’t really think it all through. Ignorance was bliss for me.

The previous store

Looking back I really cannot believe all that I have done, but I have made many mistakes a long the way. Especially when I speak with others who are planning their exits out of corporate America and have unbelievable strategies and plans for becoming an entrepreneur (something I had none of) One thing I regret most is not getting on board with a business coach sooner. I hired my first coach in 2010 and would recommend it to anyone who is starting or running a business. Their perspective and razor sharp vision for your company will change the way you view yourself as an entrepreneur and your company.

I just returned from Miami where I met with my new business coach James Roche. He is an expert on marketing, and what I love most is that his wife Melanie is an energy healer, so James knows how important it is to have a mind, body and spirit connection to really achieve success. Something I saw first hand with our mastermind group, if you are putting up blocks in your personal life, chances are those blocks bleed into your business.

Miami Mastermind

I am excited about the coming year. Our Miami mastermind group will continue until December of this year, forcing us to all be accountable about our goals. I would like to thank everyone who filled out the survey I sent last week. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done! But James insisted that all of us do it. In order for all of us to have direction this coming year it is important for us to know what our audience wants, and the survey gave me just that! The mastermind group meets again this summer. My goals until then are to relaunch the phone consultation design program, revamp the website, and get my design classes online so everyone can learn from me in the comfort of their homes.

If you didn’t fill out the survey and would like to see us add a service please list it in the comments below, or email me at: [email protected]