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I recently came across an article that I found intriguing. I only got a a small portion of info before I had to rush off to a clients house. But it had my wheels spinning. When I returned to a computer I started to research. I was amazed and thrilled with my findings!

Cinda Baxter is a retail business consultant. Her passion thrives on retail business and finding ways to make it more profitable and more successful. Being a small business owner myself, I loved her all ready!
In March, Rieva Lesonsky wrote an article, Support Your Local Business. As a result of an experiment done last summer Rieva came to the conclusion, “Which three stores would I hate to loose most?” This article got Cindas wheels turning. Why not tie the two concepts of, the $50 dollar challenge and the three store challenge, into a campaign to save local business. Spend $50 in your local community and boost the economy.
So how does this work?
Choose 3 independent (meaning no franchises, or big box stores) mom and pop type stores and spend $50 a month total. Pretty simple right?
The best part, if half the employed population spends $50 bucks locally each month you will generate $42 billion dollars in Revenue. And for every $100 bucks you spend, $68 bucks goes back into YOUR community through taxes.
Think about it folks. When local business is strong we sponsor the little league games, donate products and services, and we support local community functions. We have the resources to give back. When business is slow and we are struggling to make payroll and rent, there isn’t any money to support little Brandon’s baseball league, or Susie’s basketball team. As a business owner I have been asked at least 30 times this year to donate products and services and with great disappointment, I have turned many of them down.
Sign up for the cause. It’s simple!
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