Crystals are natural stones produced by the earth over thousands of years. Most people think of chandeliers, wedding goblets or bowls when they hear the word crystal but healing crystals are all around us in agate, mineral and rock form. In fact, some places like New Mexico and Arizona have known energy vortexes, caused by meteorites and other natural phenomenon that produced an exponential amount of crystals in the earth. But keep in mind, snow, salt, sugar, ice and a variety of metals are also classified as crystals. Just look under a microscope when you’re bored, you’ll see!

If you have ever been into a metaphysical shop you have likely seen an array of healing crystals. Each type of crystal harbors different energies and properties. Many shamans, intuitive’s and healers have used crystal healing for centuries to help aid people in a variety of ailments. In fact, the Egyptians used many crystals as everyday preventative medicine. In combination with other holistic remedies, crystal healing can boost health, emotional deficiencies, energy imbalances and more. And if you frequent spas or the yoga studio, you’ll likely see large amethyst stones – they are known to absorb emotional deficiencies, imbalances and negative energies. Can you say, AAAAhhhhhhhhhhh?

So it makes sense that some gardeners like myself, like to use certain crystals in their gardens to help their plants grow strong, keep them healthy, happy and thriving.


Probably the number one stone used amongst gardeners. This promotes grounding, connection to nature and helps bring out your green thumb. It is also known to bring vitality to your plant and helps you create a connection or bond with your green friends.


Well it goes without saying this has the energies of the moon, but moonstone is said to promote rest. Used by Native Americans, and considered a favorite, moonstone promotes restorative health. It is a symbol of fertility and will make happy plants.


A stone ideal for a space that is too loud, this stone helps soothe anxious and stressed plants. Offering this lovely stone to your plants will result in a lush and happy garden.


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