Terrific parks to visit in Nashville this fall

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. The colors, the crisp air and an unfettered joy, despite a year that may have held many ups and downs. Fall brings everything into perspective! I often love to go on trails during this time of year to really soak up nature’s beauty and bounty. But as I get older another thing I really enjoy doing is is going outdoors to enjoy a picnic. Sitting somewhat still, listening to children play and dogs bark and indulging in afternoon snacks. It’s a lovely time of year to enjoy the outdoors, slow down even for a minute and take in the smells, the sounds and the beauty.

Living in Nashville we are so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing parks. Not to mention an enormous amount of nature. Growing up in California, mainly seeing concrete jungles of graffiti, streets, cars and few trees, Nashville is by far the most beautiful city I’ve ever lived in.

Of this list Shelby Bottoms is probably my favorite. Although, I shouldn’t call favorites because if you ask me next week it will be Bicentennial trail in Ashland city. Oh my stars is that beautiful country. But Ravenwood trail is equally astonishing and beautiful and one I frequent often because it’s close to home. With so many options available whether you live in Nashville or are coming for a visit, grab your friends, maybe some family and get outside!

Below is a small curated list of favorites:

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