Everyone knows how much I love art and I am loving all the new sources popping up on the web that put original art right at your fingertips. Gone are the days of exclusive galleries that you may not have heard of. These website bring you great art at a great price.

1) 20 x 200

As their name implies, it is “Great artists, Affordable prices, and new pieces every week!” 20×200 has fantastic pieces like this print above by Elizabeth Huey, that gives you the option on size and the budget you can afford.

2) Stampa

Stampa has beautiful archival, limited edition prints….but act fast because this site has flash sales so you discover new art every month!

3) Exhibition A

Exhibition A is a members only website that sells exclusive editions of art by top contempororay artisits. They have limited editions and offer an incredible array of contemporary artists to choose from like this piece by Les Rogers.

Whether you live in the largest metropolis or way out in the boonies everyone deserves good art…and now you can get it online at a great price!


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