In the past year this blog has taken a back seat to everything else that’s been occurring in the office. After writing for nine years here I feel like I’ve said just about everything I need to say about design and Feng Shui. Not to mention, I feel like people no longer have the time to read. Much of our ‘blog energy’ has been driven into our weekly podcast, which in and of itself is a full-time job! Locating appropriate guests, getting them recorded, edited and then scheduled consumes hours each week. And we outsource none of it!

In addition to the guests that I have on the show I also do a monthly teaching module that dives into a Feng Shui topic like love, or health and I feel like the podcast gives me a platform to go into much greater detail than I can go here on the blog. Or maybe I’m just tired of writing and prefer the medium of talking. haha I’ll have to think about that! I mention all of this because for years our blog was number one in design and energy and we’ve won several awards for being a pioneer in this space, so our readers are confused by the sudden lack of articles and shift. I get it. The biggest issue here is that there is only one of me!

Writing a blog post can easily take a couple of hours. Putting together one podcast can easily take several hours. If that was all we were doing here in the office we’d nail it! I guarantee it! Unfortunately, not only are we doing the podcast, but we also have clients and projects to attend to, I run an online course twice a year teaching others about Feng Shui, and I also run a membership group that includes tons of monthly eBooks and live videos. Oh yes, let’s not forget the YouTube channel as well. And just for good measure I’ve decided to write my third book, Feng Shui for the Soul™, which is coming out next spring.

I know none of this matters to you the reader. You just want damn good content that helps you make your life better. I’ve tried a couple of times to be all things to all people and I hate to say it, but I failed. I’ve already put twenty minutes just into writing this blog and I have a stack of client packets lurching at me that need to be addressed. In doing all of this I realized that the only thing that will help me is to follow the principles of the Tao. Just like me, many of you are very busy and you’re going in twenty different directions. But if we look to the Tao we will find a couple of principles that sum up this dilemma:

  • You cannot be all things – it’s against the natural way
  • Learn to flow otherwise you are swimming upstream
  • Learn to listen – this is where the greatest gifts in truth lie

As I am writing my new book I’m getting pulled back to my earlier years in Feng Shui.Back when the internet did not exist. How much simpler things were! But were they really? Through progress we can find our way too. It is only through experience that we can evolve and gain truth.

So to you my readers, I’m sorry that I have not been writing as much as I used to. Back in the day when I provided three weekly blog posts I was only doing one monthly podcast. I’m now doing four to five monthly podcasts and one blog post. So it seems I’ve flipped the script. If you are wanting to gain spiritual enlightenment, it’s still here and it’s still free, it’s just in a different format! So be sure to check out my podcast and listen in. We get hundreds of emails each month telling us how much people love the podcast and several have said it’s changed their life. In all the years that I blogged, I never received emails like we get for the podcast! To me that matters! Furthermore, be sure to jump on the newsletter. I give out monthly tips on Feng Shui and design to further help you on your journey,

With absolute love and light,


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