tablescaping in nashville tn


Back in February we did the home show here in Nashville. We created a beautiful tablescape showcasing the possibilities and limitless ideas that anyone can use for their own table. Since the show we have received numerous emails from curious design enthusiasts on what creates a beautiful table, and what can be used to create a beautiful table. Here are some rules we live by:

Tablescaping 101

1) There are no rules!
2) If it speaks to you use it!
3) Decide on a theme. Whether you are having a simple get together or an elaborate dinner party, pick a color, an object, a pattern or material and use it through out your table.
4) Have fun with it. (Remember number 1)
5) Dont be afraid to mix the expensive with the inexpensive. The photo above with the red chairs is a perfect example. The table is a beautiful raw limed oak and it cost $1700. But the chairs are an inexpensive outdoor vinyl and they cost $60. I brought them in from the outside! Have further questions? Email us and we will be happy to help you with your upcoming table dilemma.

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