For the last few days I have been in Florida for the Make the Change Event ,with Suzanne Evans. My coaching group with Ali Brown, and James Roche turned me on to her back in January, on our facebook mastermind page. One of the gals in the group said they were good friends and that it was THE event o attend. Well I had heard that before and wasn’t so sure that it was for me….until I watched four videos of Suzanne and knew she was EXACTLY for me.

She is a no bullshit kinda gal. She gets straight to the point, and will not take no for an answer. She curses worse than a sailor and gets you where it hurts….hence The make the change event. What really sold me on this event was the second video I saw of her, without missing a beat she dropped the F bomb and two sentences later said come prepared, come to network, but don’t come to harass people to buy your shit. I was sold. It was as if she was writing a love letter to me. Can’t explain it, she just resonated with me and her attitude just fits me. So here I am, in Florida getting cursed at, by a buxom no bullshit kinda gal, telling me to change or die.

Why am I listening to her scream at me? Well you see three years ago Suzanne was a secretary making chump change building an empire for someone else. When she realized that she was the one carrying the load she stepped out on her own and within three years has made seven figures…and now she’s taken her show on the road. Will it change me? Thats to be determined in the months to come. Will she influence me? You bet your ass it will. I am already brainstorming on how to implement, negotiate and achieve the tools she’s given me into my company, AB HOME. She believes that everyone can make change in their companies to improve their livelihood in record time, as long as you make the commitment to make a difference. So here goes, next week when I am back on my home soil I will share with you my goals that I intend to set forth to be that change!

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