January 31st will be an epic event in the stars and all of you are in for a real treat. Early on Wednesday morning (Jan. 31), a Blue Moon, a total lunar eclipse AND a Supermoon collide to create a rare lunar event in the sky that hasn’t occurred in North America in more than 150 years!

This amazing lunar event, known as a “Super Blue Blood Moon,” is the second full moon of the month. But it’s also known as a Blue Moon, and a total lunar eclipse, which when combined is referred to as a “blood moon” because the moon turns a reddish color when it passes through Earth’s shadow. To round out the lunar trifecta, the moon will also be at its closest point to Earth in its orbit, making it a Supermoon.

So you may be saying to yourself, hmmm, isn’t it interesting that all these epic events have been going on in the sky in the last couple of years? It’s no coincidence, as a collective our earth and culture are in the midst of a rebirth of sorts. We are all being called up to rise, change, shed our old ways and step into our greatest person.

Tomorrow this Lunar ECLIPSE will be in Leo. A very action-oriented planet. This extraordinary event is placed in your path to light you up, turn you on and remove that which no longer serves you, and hold that which does. This affects your personal and collective journey.

This event is occurring on the Leo/Aquarius cusp, (astrological stuff going on in the sky) and all that really means is the inner knowing within you is be called to rise. Like, now! Within your heart may lay dormant blessings that you’ve continued to shove down, (you know that calling that keeps showing up?) and here lies in essence the love that will reawaken your heart in the brightest, sharpest and clearest ways. This is the AHA!

So what the hell does all this mean? You may feel stuck in a cubicle, a bad marriage or struggling with illness. Here’s where to land. Align with your desires, toss aside the fear and reconnect with your inner being – only in this place will you find trust, courage and assurance. Learn to heal your old wounds, no matter how hurtful or messy. Sit in them, feel them and then let them go.

Many of us will be called to do so and yes, you’ll find yourself at a familiar crossroads, the choice is simple, yes or no?

Yes to stepping into your knowing or no it’s way too scary, it’s way too hard, I don’t have what it takes.

Doesn’t matter either way, because the universe is about to step in and flick you off the cliff. Embrace the fear. Embrace the wounds, embrace the hurt because what’s on the other side is pure pixie dust. Yep.

Love, joy, peace and happiness – what you don’t think they exist? Perhaps that’s why we are in the midst of such epic astrological events. The Universe always wins, and she always has your back, so stop fighting it and grab your parachute.

Love, joy, and happiness awaits you! Let’s start sprinkling it around like freaking pixie dust. And hey don’t forget to put your sacred objects out in the moonlight. Capture this magic and use its power like any good witch would!




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