The entire point of me putting together this NEW blog was to bring you, my adoring fans, uncomplicated tips to make life easier. I was pleased to find in my inbox this morning some really easy crafty stuff, that even I am capable of doing for this Halloween’s festivities; and lucky for us these ideas are so easy, being sober not required!

From scrapbooking etc, these little boxes would be a breeze to make. Take any small box from around the house, an old strawberry crate or food take out container (like a chinese take out container and cut off the top.) Wrap it in gauze or construction paper and use for sweet treats for party favors, employee gifts or entertaining and silly tablescape.

Have old candles around the house? Take beads, moss, rocks, or candy and hot glue them to your candles for a frightening sentiment to guests.


For a fun and festive buffet, entertain your guests with graveyard signs made of parchment. Gently burn edges and plop into serving dishes.


Take a few old hangers, shape and take a stab at a round Styrofoam ball from a craft store. Glue on some eyeballs and this little critter would be great on a buffet, front porch, or hanging around the house from the ceiling with fishing line.


As I promised, stupidly easy. And easy crafty stuff for the kids to get involved too.

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