Storage Management

These days it seems that stuff is taking over our lives. Hard to believe that only 100 years ago most homes didn’t even have closets. The wardrobe or armoire was considered enough storage for ones belongings and clothes. Some rooms, like bathrooms, would have built -in drawers for bathroom necessities, and dining rooms would often have built-in china cabinets but that was considered enough to store our lives.

Today we have more stuff than we know what to do with. Organizers across the country have developed thriving careers to help us contain our crap, I mean stuff. It is an amazing feeling to unload unwanted items and purge, but what do you do with the things you really need, but don’t have space for?

My goal with storage management is to bring you top ideas, tips, and new products on the market to help you easily organize your lives; with out making you dizzy and feeling inadequate as an individual because your bookshelves aren’t cross referenced three ways to Sunday like Martha Stewart’s. Some of us have better things to do!

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