A mid westerner at heart, Stephanie landed in San Diego after college when a friend convinced her that it was the place to be. Having never been to California this may seem like a bold move, but for Stephanie it was exactly where she needed to be. After gaining two bachelors degrees, one in marketing, she went on to obtain her MBA in business. What she quickly found out was that there were few resources for women who wanted to start a business, and her friends were looking to her to find the answers. She worked for other companies until in 2009 she was laid off, it was now or never. She took her idea off the shelf and took the entire year of 2010 to research starting a company for women. In 2011 she launched Chic-CEO.com, a site devoted to helping women launch their dreams, without all the overwhelm.

Todays Chic CEO podcast will teach you to stretch yourself, learn to take risks, trust your gut and stop all that planning. She’ll also offer up three of her top tips to opening and starting a business, something every woman should hear!
Find out more about Stephanie and her company here, and learn how you can become the next Chic CEO!

Listen to the podcast here:

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