When designing a bedroom space it is always wise to choose colors, items and textures that promote rest. It may seem like a great idea to follow that new trend of flaming red on one wall, but ultimately it won’t be a wise choice so always start with things you love. I just met with a new client this past week that was a prime example of outside influence taking charge. Her mother-in-law loves red and kept advising she too put red in her living room. Problem was she hated red. But it wasn’t until she removed all the red accents from the room and replaced it with her love of blue that she realized this. Your bedroom should be decorated the same. Surround yourself with the things you love to promote a place of rest.

Brooke Giannetti

1) Choose soft colors-

They are always soothing and help lift our spirits. We lead hectic lives so simplicity is key. Don’t choose harsh colors that will agitate or raise your energy. This is a space to relax and allow you to unwind.

2) Don’t over clutter-

Clutter in a bedroom does not promote rest and sleep. In fact people who bring their work into the bedroom are less likely to sleep the entire night through. Paperwork and computer emails play on the mind even once the computer is closed. So avoid bringing anything other than fun magazines, a good book or a journal into your room.

3) Lighting-

Always use lamps in your bedroom as the main source of light. Overhead lighting can be harsh unless on a dimmer. Keep lighting low and comfortable to help warm up your space and help you unwind.

4) Easy fabrics-

A bedroom should not be decorated with complicated fabrics. Keep it simple. In fact, most of your fabrics should be all natural materials of Cotton, linen, or wool. Don’t underestimate the power of an all natural fabric. They are easy to care for, and feel great on your skin.

5) Furniture

I am a huge fan of upholstered headboards in a bedroom. They are comfortable to lean on when reading in bed and can easily be changed up for the seasons. I am also a huge fan of comfy seating in a bedroom. Even if you can only fit one chair in your space, it is a great place to throw on some shoes, read a book or catch up on blogging.

Love Joy design

Another tip, always have two nightstands. I go into so many homes that only have one nightstand. Sorry folks, this is a big party foul. Even if it is small like the one shown above, each side of the bed should have a place to set a book or a cup of coffee, there is always enough room!

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