David Demattei and Patrick Wade
These days the proverbial beige sofa has really lost my interest. Now, I know that it is a tried and true favorite, and a “go-to”must have for any home, but after ten years of solid beige and brown sofas, I’m ready to move on. As I was doing research for a new client, (who LOVES color) I decided a bold sofa was just what we needed. Why on earth have I not been doing this? Here were a few of my favs!

John Willey
Ken Fulk

Jeffrey Bihuber

Jonathan Adler
David Lawrence
Really are these not gorgeous? How great would it be to walk into your room and see a vibrant orange sofa? Or a bright acid green one? Just the thought of it brings a smile to my face. I think it’s high time to buy a new sofa and add some flavor to the house, who’s with me?!
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