Ahhh… summer is finally here! It’s time to kick back and relax. Or at least be intentional about taking some time to stop and smell the flowers. It’s so easy to get caught up in the motions of everyday life, in fact it’s so easy that before you know it you blink and you’re already putting your kids on the bus back to school. Make the conscious decision to take it easy and slower this summer. Not only will you appreciate it but so will your kids.

In order to take it easy this summer you need to plan ahead that way things move efficiently and you can enjoy just being in the moment more. Here’s a few of our favorite tips on how to simplify your routine for the summer!

Stick to a regular sleep schedule. 
This isn’t always easy to do when there feels like there’s so much to do in a day. However, getting the proper amount of sleep each night is so crucial to our wellbeing.

Prep for the morning before bed.
Before you hit the hay for the night make sure things are ready to go for the next morning. Taking time the night before to prep things such as get the coffee maker ready, make your breakfast and/or lunch, and lay out your outfit for the next day will ensure things go smoothly and swiftly.

Pick up the house before bed. 
What we mean by this is doing a midnight sweep of the house, not a full out cleaning session. Just quickly pick things up and put them in their proper places as you give the house a once over before heading to bed.

Menu plan before grocery trip. 
A big way to simplify your routine for the summer is to menu plan before you head to the grocery store. This way you know exactly what meals you are making and when throughout the entire week. It saves time because you’ll make less trips to the grocery to pick up odds and ends and you’ll spend less money at the store on impulse buys or things you won’t get around to using.

Plan the week by laying it out.
Get yourself a planner that you can sit down to every week and map out the upcoming week. Everyone’s appointments, meals, to-do lists, etc. Sometimes just laying it all out takes away a lot of the overwhelming anxiety. Face it, no one has time for that!

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